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Boost Sales with new Product Gifting

New Features

Open an entirely new avenue for sales with SamCart’s newest addition, Product Gifting! When selling your online course, your ebooks, or your services online, you need the right tools in your toolbox.

For the 17,000 customers who have sold more than $1.8 Billion of their own digital goods here at SamCart, that’s exactly what our platform does for them. And today, we are gifting you a brand new tool for growing your sales. 

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It’s our gift to you.

Ok, we’re done with the gift puns. Promise.

Sell More With Product Gifting

Turn on product gifting and instantly let each and every customer also buy your stuff for their family, friends, workout partners, paid clients, golf buddies, daycare friends, running group, bowling team, and everyone in between. 

Product gifting from SamCart gives a brand new channel for new sales from the moment you turn it on! Add this new little checkbox to your SamCart product pages, and start turning one customers into multiple by making it easy for your customers to share your stuff.

Product Gifting turned on with SamCart

1: Let your students gift your Javascript 101 course to other friends and co-workers who need to get up to snuff with their coding skills.

2: Let your customers gift your 12-week fitness challenge to their friends for boosted accountability.

3: Let your birthstone pendant necklaces be gifted around the world for people looking for unique gift ideas.

4: Let parents gift your kid’s activity workbook with their friends, so the neighborhood kids can all play together. 

How many sales are you missing out on, just because you don’t have the right tools? Turn on product gifting, and start bringing in more sales today. 

Make More From Every Customer

And remember, every single gifted orders turns into a whole new opportunity to make even more money with SamCart’s advanced ecommerce features. So don’t forget to let customers easily add in more products with order bumps. Where each customer can buy more stuff just by clicking a few checkboxes. 

SamCart’s database shows us that adding just one of these beautifully designed “bumps” increases your Average Order Value by a whopping +31%!

Offer multiple order bumps with SamCart

Then you get to leverage the same technology that makes buying on Amazon so dang simple. Send each customer through your own one click upsells and downsells! Offer every customer your higher-priced courses, services, and programs, and let them buy with one single click of the mouse.

“One click”…get it? SamCart’s database proves this is one enormous opportunity. Adding a single one click upsell to your checkout process increases Average Order Value by an incredible +68%!

Offer One Click Upsells and Downsells

These are just a few of the advanced features SamCart puts at your disposal. Growing your business is easy when you have the right tools. Check out the SamCart Features page to see why SamCart customers make 3-5x more than selling on other platforms.

Start Gifting In A Flash

Product Gifting is now live inside of every single SamCart Grow, Scale, and Enterprise account! You can turn this feature on for any product by opening the product’s settings, and toggling Product Gifting on under the advanced tab.

Turn on product gifting in SamCart

With Product Gifting turned on, each customer will see a single toggle where they can decide if their order contains a gift. After they enter their information, and tell you where to send the gift, they can continue to add other items to their order.

Right before they complete their order, customers can even decide which items are gifts. So they can decide wether to gift everything, or buy a little something for themselves.

Use product gifting for specific items

You are free to gift any type of products; monthly subscriptions, “Pay What You Want” offers, free trials, paid trials, payment plans, yearly memberships, and everything in-between. And each customer is free to pay with credit card, PayPal, or even digital wallets like Apple Pay.

You have total control over your ecommerce. Allowing customers to gift your courses, books, services, etc. is a whole new avenue to grow your bottom line. Head into your SamCart account today, turn on Product Gifting, and capitalize on this brand new opportunity!

Test Drive SamCart For Free Today

If you are ready to see how more than 17,000 businesses have used SamCart to sell more than $1.8 Billion of their own products, goods, and services, then head over to and grab a free demo today. 

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You can see all the powerful checkout features that multiply your sales, the beautiful pre-designed templates that help launch your products faster than ever, and the simple platform that makes running your business simple. 

When you have the right tools at your disposal, big things happen. Put SamCart to work for you today.

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