Health & Fitness Coaches Convert More on SamCart

Your customers have real goals they want to achieve, and your goal is to sell the best possible products and services to help them get there. That’s where SamCart steps in, with checkout technology and automations designed to help health and fitness creators build profit and credibility.

helping fitness creators profit
Over 78,000 creators, including health professionals, fitness coaches, and nutritionists trust SamCart to sell more than $4 billion in digital products
helping fitness creators boost profits

Bulk Up Your Profit Potential

The average health and fitness creator on SamCart is a six-figure seller. How? They've strengthened their checkout process.

Using SamCart's CheckoutOS™ and Expansion Revenue features like pre-purchase order bumps and post-purchase upsells enables customers to spend more. This helps your AOV skyrocket and makes the customer experience so great, they'll come back for more.

Switching to SamCart?

Learn about our 'Done for You' service, offering personalized, free strategy sessions.

Improve the Health of Your Checkout Experience

When customers seek you out, they’re ready to change their lives. Regardless of their goals, it’s your job to ensure they can find the products, services, and content they need to meet those goals and purchase them seamlessly.
Checkout Anywhere

Health and fitness creators must meet their customers where they are. With Checkout Anywhere, you can link your checkout in your social media bio links, on your homepage, blog, or anywhere your customers can easily find and quickly purchase the products, services, and resources they need to level up.

Courses App

Have content that would be perfect for an online course? SamCart’s Courses App lets you create and sell online courses, giving your customers more content and information to soak up.

Customizable, Codeless Sales Pages

Create fully customized sales pages without writing a single line of code.Include your own branding, font, and colors, and upload images and videos your customers can use to follow workouts, create recipes, or learn new pertinent health information.

Automation Autonomy

Own your customers' checkout experience and scale profit by adding upsells and order bumps to increase AOV and deliver more value with complementary products, content, and resources.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Link your favorite tools, including Zapier, that take the heavy lifting out of running your business smoothly.

Rich Data Analytics

Uncover valuable business insights at a glance with our real-time advanced reports and use those insights to deliver better results for your customers.

fitness trainers can checkout anywhere
easier to charge your fitness client

Get to Business Faster and Easier

Your focus should be on delivering results for your customers and their goals. That’s why we made SamCart so user-friendly and, when you need it, our team will be there to provide guidance, support, and troubleshooting. Scroll down to learn how you can kickoff your SamCart experience with a free strategy session from our team of eComm experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I sell with SamCart?
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SamCart users sell both physical and digital products, services, and experiences, including courses, eBooks, digital art, coaching and consulting services, and more. We can support almost any kind of offering you have for sale.

Who are some other health and fitness creators that use SamCart?
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Creators like Yoga With Adrienne, Fuzzy Yellow Balls, Konscious Keto, Top Speed Golf, and more all use SamCart to sell their offerings.

What sets SamCart apart from other eCommerce platforms?
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We've created the fastest and most versatile checkout experience on the market, CheckoutOS™. This includes our Checkout Anywhere feature that lets you place our lightning-fast checkout experience anywhere on the web that your customers hang out. Couple that with One-Click Checkout and digital wallet capabilities like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Buy Now, Pay Later, your customers have more ways to pay — and it's never been easier for them to do so.

What if I'm already using another eCommerce platform?
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Chat with our team of experts! Depending on the plan you choose, you may qualify for our done-for-you or white-glove migration services. Our team will walk you through these options and how we can help move your products, funnels, and customer data from your current platform to SamCart.

How do order bumps and upsells work at SamCart?
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Order bumps and upsells — features we call Expansion Revenue — are what SamCart was built on. In just a click or two, you can add these revenue-expanding services, products, or offerings to any core service, product, or offering you already have for sale. Users who add Expansion Revenue to their products enjoy 125% more conversions than users who don't.

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