Build An Affiliate Army

Create your own private sales team to promote your products, then give them a cut of the profits.

Affiliates insights for sellers of digital goods

How does SamCart’s Affiliate Center work?

Build an affiliate sales team to advocate for your products, share their recommendation to their network, and rapidly grow your sales.
Affiliates are compensated with a piece of the profit from your sales, making each sale a win for both parties. Affiliate commission tiers allow you to attract affiliates with flexible commission structures, so you can incentivize high-performing affiliates with higher commissions.
Tailor-made Trackability

Create custom URLs so our tracking software gets the right people paid and lets them see which emails, social media posts and advertising campaigns are converting to sales.

Pick How You Pay

Have complete control over your affiliate payout structure. You can choose a percentage or flat rate commission and a one-time payment or recurring commissions for sales on subscriptions or offers with payment plans.

Double Down on Profit

SamCart’s Subscription Saver rescues failed credit card payments for you and the affiliates who promote your recurring subscriptions or offers. Make it so you and your affiliates get paid over and over with subscription sales.

Become a Samcart Affiliate

We love our SamCart Affiliates

People trust other people before they trust businesses. Point, blank, period. We employ our own affiliates to bring new SamCart customers into our world, and we love ‘em for it.

Our SamCart Affiliate Program is at capacity and we are not currently accepting new members. Please join the waitlist below to be the first to know when the program re-opens.

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