Hi. We're SamCart.

We are startup veterans, marketing savants, experience experts, and eCommerce bosses. Our goal is to build an industry-leading direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform that increases conversions and maximizes profits from every sale.

Our Team

Brian Moran

Co-founder (Ambassador of Buzz)

Scott Moran

Co-founder (Mechanical Pencil Wrangler)

Justin Smith

Product (Insert Funny Title)

James Bain

Revenue Officer (Get That Paper President)

Sophie Lammers

Chief of Staff (Lover of Smoothies)

Zach Moore

Product (Inventor of Chair Ball)

Rico Smith

Client Success (Baker of Bread)

Claire Cannon

Client Success (VP of Running Quickly)

Joel Wolfe

Product (Chief Margarita Officer)

Breanna Wheeler

Client Success (Queso Quality Officer)

Sierra Diaz

Client Success (Pupper Enthusiast)

Sam Schmitz

Product Manager (Not "The" Sam)

Nana Amfo

Product (Coming Soon)

Kim Renzi

Sales (Hot Sauce Auditor)

Jones Reed

Product (Part-Time Amateur Pizza Connoisseur)

McKenna Mason

Client Success (Queen of GIFs)

Chad Leis

Sales (Skrrttt)

Brandon Dickerson

Client Success (Sir Billington)

Natalie Myers

Account Management (President of Netwebs)

Joe Kim

Account Management (Celebrity Fisherman)

Matt Frieswyk

Product (Sir Codes A Lot)

Miriam Hinojosa

Sales (Time Life Operator)

Kinsey Hines

Client Success (Enneagram Enthusiast)

Alex Schmidt

Marketing (Happy Hour Highness)

Chris Scheben

Client Success (MoonPie Enthusiast)

Danielle Wolesensky

Client Success (Assistant To The Regional Manager)

Brad Shelton

Product (Lead Alchemy Engineer)

Daryl Schneider

Product (Galactic Viceroy of Computing Wizardry)

Harrison Tran

Product (Recreational Astronaut)

Sara Moriarty

Client Success (Mistress of Coin)

Nic Haydel

Product (Ghost Hunting Consultant)

Drew Adams

Sales (Community Hype Man)

Nate Johnson

Marketing (Chief Waterpark Architect)