Hi. We're SamCart.

We are startup veterans, marketing savants, experience experts, and eCommerce bosses. Our goal is to build an industry-leading direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform that increases conversions and maximizes profits from every sale.

Our Team

Brian Moran

CEO/Co-founder (Ambassador of Buzz)

Scott Moran

Co-founder (Mechanical Pencil Wrangler)

Justin Smith

COO (Insert Funny Title)

Sophie Lammers

Chief of Staff / Head of People (Captain of Ships)

Nick Mirisis

Chief Revenue Officer (Growth Geek)

David Sherline

Senior VP of Engineering & Product

David Rapoport

VP, Financial Operations (Chief Spreadsheet Maker)

Sam Caplan

Director of Customer Success (#1 Print Mixer)

Peter Khalil

Director of Revenue Operations (Ground Control)

Zach Moore

Director of Engineering (Inventor of Chair Ball)

Kit Pearson

Director of Engineering Ops

Samara Zippin

Director of Performance Marketing (Wannabe Wine Connoisseur)

Paige Iannarino

Customer Engagement Manager (Hostess with the Mostess)

Chad Leis

Senior Sales Manager (Skrrttt)

Maria Sampogna

Manager, Customer Success

Alex Schmidt

Digital Marketing Manager (Happy Hour Highness)

Sam Schmitz

Product Manager (Not "The" Sam)

Alex Speed

Sales Manager (Coors Light Taste Tester)

Jonathan Wells

Manager, Customer Support (Tiny Zoo Owner)

Drew Adams

Sales (Community Hype Man)

William Alexander

Sales (Dreaded Sales Ninja)

Joseph Altman

Sales (King of Destiny2)

Jordan P. Anderson

Marketing (Clickbait University Class of 2015)

Matthew Baehr

Customer Support (Backyard Pit Master)

Jared Botchway

Financial Operations (EXCEL-lent in Excel)

Peter Burch

Engineering (The Bob Ross of Engineering)

Juliana Burman-Magday

Customer Support (Sparkling Water Savant)

Ruben Cantu

Customer Success (Resident Horror Movie 'Expert')

James Cazin

Sales (Bucket Hat Collector)

Sierra Diaz

Customer Success (Pupper Enthusiast)

Forrest Eastland

Engineering (Lord of the Trees)

Jennifer Forchelli

Customer Support (Metaphysical Master of Personality)

Matt Frieswyk

Engineering (Jolly Green Giant)

Kinsey Hines

Customer Success (Enneagram Enthusiast)

Marie Hudspeth

Marketing (Master Brandsmith)

Loh Hunt

Customer Support (Mini Trampoline Advocate)

Kayne Khoury

Engineering (Unintentional Look-alike Expert)

Alex Kramer

Customer Success (Amateur Apparel Creator)

Carrie Kramer

Customer Support (Seeing Eye Tarantula Trainer)

Matt Lambert

Sales (Anime Enthusiast)

Anthony Lovett

Customer Success (Chief of Charisma)

Rishabh Madan

Engineering (Software Ninjaneer)

Slayter Marwitz

Sales (Semi-Pro Flatball Player)

McKenna Mason

Customer Support (Queen of GIFs)

Aurelio Mitjans


Sam Mohler

Customer Support (VP of Horseplay)

Sara Moriarty

Marketing (Organizer Extraordinaire)

Alyssa Nerio

Customer Support (Pizza Connoisseur)

Raul Ortiz

Customer Success

Alex Paterson

Sales (Pizza Expert- Move over Dave Portnoy!)

Marco Pineda

Engineering (Dog Herder)

Jill Puduski

Sales (Health Food Enthusiast)

Jones Reed

Engineering (Part-Time Amateur Pizza Connoisseur)

Frederick Sadler

People Operations (Chief Matchmaking Officer)

Lauren Schwartz

Product (Coffee Snob)

Carter Severinson

Sales (Sports Brainiac)

Rita Sharp

Customer Success (Resident Anime Expert)

Brad Shelton

Engineering (Lead Alchemy Engineer)

Matt Spradling

Customer Support

Harrison Tran

Engineering (Recreational Astronaut)

Vincent Vais


Aimee Victoria

People Operations (The Shire Tour Guide)

Evan von zur Muehlen

Sales (Matt Foley - Launch Motivator)

Marielle Wegener

Sales (Dwight Schrute)

Danielle Wolesensky

Customer Support (Assistant To The Regional Manager)

Joel Wolfe

Engineering (Chief Margarita Officer)