B2C Success in a Digital Era: Sales Strategy & Enablement by Revenue.io Podcast Recap

January 29, 2024

SamCart co-founder Brian Moran joined Revenue.io’s Alastair Woolcock and Howard Brown on the latest episode of their Sales Strategy & Enablement podcast. 

During the conversation, they cover how B2C companies can continue to prioritize authenticity and human connection in their go-to-market strategies as AI automation and technology have taken center-stage over the last year.

You can catch the full, enlightening conversation here and keep reading for a recap of our favorite moments from the episode.

Reinventing the Sales Wheel: Early SamCart

Before Brian and brother Scott Moran started SamCart, they were proficient sellers of eBooks, courses, and other digital products and services. “We had the muscle built,” Brian shares.

As those sales began to increase, Brian recognized that he wanted more customers than he could “close” in the traditional sense, so he took strategies from other top sellers and built video sales letters, landing pages, and email cadences that he could scale – quickly.

That worked, and those same strategies are the ones Samcart was built on. “We created SamCart because it was exactly what we needed for our own digital business,” Brian says. “It was out of necessity.”

Not a sales guy himself, Brian shares that using those same strategies – the VSLs, the scarcity messaging, the landing pages – all helped SamCart become a mass-market SaaS tool that thousands of online businesses now rely on.

The Secret Sauce to Messaging and Sales

Hosts Alastair and Howard assumed Brian has a secret sales and messaging sauce that contributed to SamCart’s growth, but it’s the opposite:

“The secret sauce is to not have a secret sauce. Don’t break the mold. Don’t reinvent how you think people think and make buying decisions.”

Ultimately, the human connection and authentic messaging that has worked for decades still works for SamCart today, including:

  • How to lead with benefits over features
  • How to use scarcity strategically
  • How to apply pressure, but not too much pressure

Brian shares, “I was the customer that I’m now selling. I understand what their fears are, what their frustrations are, what their aspirations are.”

SamCart uses all of those messaging points as foundational elements and works them into every channel to push leads over the edge, including ads, email, SMS, and on our website messaging.

A Shared Ecosystem Boosts Consumer Engagement for All

At the risk of giving another business the competitive advantage, Brian and the Revenue.io hosts discuss the importance of actually sharing proprietary content and data within the ecosystem.

“Before SamCart, we sold all of that stuff – the eBooks, the content, the stuff that helped us make sales,” Brian shares. “Now, we want to give all of that away.”

In free content like The Profit Playbook, 18 Laws of a Creator CEO, and our 2023 Creator Profits Report, SamCart has been able to share the wealth of industry data we’ve collected and how it pertains to specific niches or verticals.

In sharing this information, SamCart is able to become a strategic partner with the businesses that use our service, because trust is built through knowledge and through helping others. Sharing data and being empathetic with our users has helped SamCart acquire and retain incredible online businesses that continue to flourish alongside us.

Catch Brian Moran Sales Strategy & Enablement by Revenue.io

Anyone that touches GTM strategy at a B2C organization can learn something from this episode. Understanding the innate need for empathy and authenticity in sales and messaging is critical to the success of any B2C business.

Catch the full episode here.

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