Small Tweaks for Big Sales with Brian Moran from SamCart

May 24, 2024

“As a business owner, all of our businesses are math equations and if we can increase not only average order value of every order but drive up LTV of our customers, your business will succeed.”

Brian Moran, Co-Founder of SamCart, joined Pat Flynn on his podcast for online business owners, The Smart Passive Income Podcast, to discuss **what strategies some of the biggest online sellers are using to improve their math equation i.e. to increase their conversions, average order value, and revenue.

The Forgotten Step: The Checkout Experience

The checkout process is often the forgotten step for online sellers, but it matters more than any other step in the buyers’ journey. A high-converting checkout can mean the difference between a small side hustle that never takes off and an online scalable business. And that’s where SamCart comes in. Check out this podcast to learn how to build a frictionless customer and buying experience that enables a lightning fast, one-click checkout experience.

According to host Pat Flynn, “If you want to build a frictionless customer experience and discover tools for next-level shopping carts that convert more, this episode’s for you…You’ll hear my gears turning throughout the conversation — the opportunities here are incredible!”

The Small Tweaks that Matter

5 key take-aways from this episode include:

  1. Optimizing the Checkout Experience: Learn how to create a seamless checkout process to enhance the customer experience and drive more sales.
  2. Implementing a One-Step Checkout Process: Discover how SamCart enables you to create quick, high-converting, efficient checkout experiences with one simple line of code.
  3. Reducing Customer Drop-Offs: Find out the small yet impactful tweaks you can make to retain customers and reduce cart abandonment.
  4. Understanding the Impact of Extra Clicks: Understand exactly how much each additional click in your checkout process costs you.
  5. Seamless Integration: See how SamCart integrates with other eCommerce platforms, allowing  you to use SamCart with your other tools that may be working for other steps in the buyer journey.

Pat Flynn, advisor and expert in the creator space, wraps up this episode letting his listeners know “From a solopreneur perspective, SamCart is right for a lot of us out there and companies who know the value of incremental percentage increases in sales….we’re seeing alot in eCommerce now where you can buy right there like through TikTok Shop. What SamCart is doing is giving that power to all of us [creators] with just a single line of code to check out quickly.”

Check out the full episode here.

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