The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Seamless and Easy Checkout Process in 2024

January 18, 2024
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Building a seamless checkout process is vital for any digital business. It's the final step in your customer's journey and can make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity that will leave you with another abandoned cart. 

How do you ensure an easy checkout process that makes your customers want to hit ‘Purchase’? We’re sharing tips and best practices we’ve learned from watching digital business owners process billions of dollars’ worth of sales on the SamCart platform.

The importance of an easy checkout process

Nothing can make or break an online business the way the checkout process can. It’s the main thing that can be pinpointed as an obstacle to making sales, especially if it:

→ Loads slowly

→ Has too many steps/pages

→ Isn’t optimized for mobile and desktop devices

A bad checkout process can be the kiss of death to a digital business. Luckily, it also is the area for the most opportunity and the biggest improvement. Keep reading to learn how to curate a simple and easy online checkout for your customers:

1. Keep It Simple and Fast

The golden rule of an fast and secure checkout process is simplicity. You want your customers to move through the process quickly and without confusion. This means minimizing the number of screens they have to navigate through. Ideally, try to keep your checkout to as few pages as possible. If you can, use a single-page checkout; it's quicker and reduces the risk of customers abandoning their carts.

Additionally, you want to ask for as little information as possible to make the transaction happen. We created our Express Checkout feature under this premise, and we’ve already seen remarkable results: When eliminating just the shipping address, the conversion rate improved by 13.4%. When removing the billing address from checkout, conversions jumped 35.1% over the initial group.

In short: If you don’t need the information, don’t ask for it. Every step you remove from the checkout process could bring a boost in conversions and sales.

2. Provide Multiple Payment Options

Different customers have different preferences when it comes to paying online. By offering a variety of payment options, you make your checkout more accessible and convenient. Include popular methods like credit and debit cards, PayPal, and mobile options like Apple Pay or Google Wallet. The more options you offer, the easier your checkout becomes for a broader range of customers. We’ve collected data from SamCart users using our proprietary CheckoutOS and found that adding One-Click Checkout by Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Stripe Link to your checkout increases conversions by an industry-leading 29.7%.

Plus – as we’ll discuss later in this article – catering your checkout to mobile devices is of the utmost importance right now, and one-click checkout technology goes hand-in-hand with that improvement.

3. Allow Guest Checkout

Not everyone wants to create an account when making a purchase.  An easy checkout process should always include a guest checkout option. This allows customers to buy without the need for setting up an account, which can be a significant barrier to completing a purchase.

4. Optimize for Mobile

With more and more people shopping on their phones, having an easy online checkout that's optimized for mobile is crucial. In fact, it might be the most important step on this list.

Ensure your checkout pages are responsive, meaning they adjust to fit the screen size of the device being used. Buttons should be easy to tap, and text should be readable without zooming in. They also need to load quickly and easily on any mobile app or web browser users are checking out on. If you use an eCommerce checkout platform like SamCart, our sales pages and checkout experiences are designed with mobile-first responsive design.

5. Auto-Fill and Save User Information

For returning customers, speed up the process by offering to save their information. Auto-filling details like shipping and billing addresses makes the checkout process faster and easier, so long as you ensure that you handle this data securely and comply with privacy laws.

An easier way to accomplish this is using a service like Stripe Link. Customers who opt into Stripe Link have their credit card information stored, allowing them to hit purchase instantly if you use the service on your checkout.

6. Clear Error Messages

If a customer makes an error during checkout, clear and helpful error messages are essential. They should tell the customer exactly what went wrong and how to fix it. Vague or technical error messages can confuse customers and lead to abandoned carts.

7. Offer Support

Sometimes, customers have questions or run into issues during checkout. Offering easy access to customer support can be a lifesaver. Consider options like live chat, which provides immediate assistance and can guide customers through the checkout process.

8. Make Security the Priority

An easy checkout process is a secure one. A secure checkout process is a cornerstone of trust. Ensure your site uses HTTPS and display security badges prominently. This reassures customers that their information is safe, making the checkout process feel more secure and professional. Additionally, you should hold the tools and platforms you use to manage your business to the same standard and ensure they’re meeting the industry requirements for keeping yourself and your customers safe online.

9. Test and Improve

Finally, an easy online checkout process is not something you set and forget. Regularly test your checkout process from a customer's perspective. Look for any pain points or areas where customers might get stuck. Use customer feedback to continually refine and improve the process.

Use SamCart to create a seamless and easy checkout experience for your customers in 2024

Creating an easy checkout process is about removing barriers and making the journey as smooth as possible for your customers. By focusing on simplicity, speed, security, and customer preferences, you can create an easy online one-click checkout that not only boosts sales but also leaves your customers with a positive impression of your brand. 

Remember: a seamless checkout experience is a crucial part of customer satisfaction and can turn first-time buyers into loyal customers.

Click here to learn about SamCart’s Checkout Anywhere, our revolutionary CheckoutOS, and the payment options you can add to improve your checkout experience.

Creating a Seamless and Easy Checkout Process: FAQs

Why is an easy checkout process important for my online business?

An easy checkout process is vital because it's the final step in your customer's journey and can significantly impact your sales. A complicated checkout can lead to abandoned carts and missed opportunities.

What are the main factors that can hinder an online business's checkout process?

The main factors that can hinder a checkout process include slow loading times, too many steps or pages, and lack of optimization for mobile and desktop devices.

How can I keep my checkout process simple and fast?

To keep your checkout process simple and fast, minimize the number of screens, ask for only essential information, and consider using a single-page checkout.

Should I provide multiple payment options?

Yes, providing multiple payment options is crucial. Different customers have different preferences, so offering popular methods like credit cards, PayPal, and mobile options can make your checkout more convenient.

Is it important to allow guest checkout?

Yes, an easy checkout process should always include a guest checkout option. Not everyone wants to create an account, and this can be a significant barrier to completing a purchase.

How important is mobile optimization for my checkout process?

Mobile optimization is crucial, as more people are shopping on their phones. Ensure your checkout pages are responsive, load quickly, and are easy to use on mobile devices.

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