You’re Losing Sales: The Increasing Importance of Having Fast Checkout

January 26, 2024
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You have 10 seconds or less to capture a customer’s attention online.

If you can actually get them to your checkout page, that number drops even more.

The checkout process stands as an increasingly pivotal moment in the customer's journey. It’s a make-or-break point that can wreak havoc (or majorly improve) conversion rates and impact your bottom line in a big way.

As checkout technology improves and the checkout process gets shorter and shorter, falling behind on implementation of this fast eCommerce checkout technology could be the kiss of death for digital creators and online business owners. 

If you’re hoping to improve sales in 2024, improving the speed of your online checkout is one of the biggest wins you can make for your digital business. Understanding the importance of a fast checkout system is crucial, so this article delves into fast checkout technology, backed by consumer data and customer research, and offers actionable insights on how to optimize your checkout process for speed and efficiency.

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What’s at Stake: The Importance of Having a Fast Online Checkout

Time is a luxury, and consumers demand not just quality products but also speed and convenience in every aspect of their shopping experience. A fast online checkout process is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, for any eCommerce business. 

In fact, checkout is often cited as the number-one reason for cart abandonment, resulting in $18 billion in lost revenue across digital businesses last year.

A seamless and fast ecommerce checkout can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates, increasing conversions and boosting revenue, but it can also enhance the customer experience, fostering repeat business and customer loyalty. 

The market is flooded with options, so providing a swift and hassle-free checkout can be a key differentiator for your business, making it stand out among competitors.

So how do you make your checkout experience faster than it currently is – and faster than those competing for your same customer base? 

Achieving a Fast Checkout: Strategies and Technologies

Optimizing your checkout process for speed couples the latest technologies and best practices in UI/UX design. Here are some strategies to achieve not just a short or an easy checkout, but a lightning-fast checkout:

1. Simplify the Checkout Process: Streamline the fast checkout flow to include as few steps as possible. Better yet, implement a single-page checkout by using a tool like SamCart’s Embedded checkout that allows you to paste your checkout experience anywhere – even on your homepage – or our pop-up checkout option, so customers can fill in all necessary information without having to navigate through multiple pages.

2. Leverage Fast Checkout Technologies: Luckily, you don’t have to look far these days to find technology you can implement immediately to improve the speed of your checkout process. Leveraging platforms like ours is a sure-fire way to achieve a faster checkout without having to manually figure it out on your own.

3. Offer Multiple Payment Options: Incorporate a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, Buy Now, Pay Later, and others to cater to the preferences of all your customers. The faster and easier it is for customers to pay, the quicker the checkout process, and offering preferred payment methods fosters customer loyalty.

4. Implement Autofill and Saved Information: Enable customers to save their shipping and billing information for future purchases or use a service like One-Click Checkout with Stripe Link, which saves customer payment info that can be accessed with a single click. This significantly reduces the time spent filling out forms during checkout, speeding up the process.

5. Optimize for Mobile: With the majority of online shopping conducted on mobile devices, ensuring your checkout process speed is optimized for mobile is essential. A mobile-friendly checkout can drastically improve the speed and efficiency of the transaction, so you need to ensure it both functions well and looks good on the screen; any additional scrolling or formatting issues can add unnecessary time to the seamless checkout process.

6. Test Your Site Speeds: Ultimately, a slow checkout can come down to the general speed of your sales page or website. Be sure you’re optimizing those pages for load time and speed, as well.

Get the Fastest Checkout on the Web with SamCart

A fast checkout process is a cornerstone of a successful digital business, and SamCart’s highest-earning creators all share that in common to make six, seven, and even eight or nine figures.

Speed is not just about saving time—it's about enhancing the customer journey, reducing friction, and ultimately, accelerating your business's success.

Learn more about our checkout capabilities, including Checkout Anywhere (includes our Embedded and Express checkout features) as well as our game-changing CheckoutOS™ for digital wallets, One-Click Checkout, stored credit cards, and more.

Want to see what it’s like to have the fastest checkout on the web at your fingertips? Start a free 7-day trial of SamCart or learn about our done-for-you services and book a free strategy session with our team.

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