Checkout Optimization vs. Checkout Automation: What is the Difference?

February 17, 2023

As checkout practices continue to evolve, checkout optimization and automation are becoming increasingly important. Understanding these two checkout improvements can increase your sales while minimizing overhead effort.   The e-commerce experts at SamCart are here with insight into checkout optimization and automation.  

What is Checkout Optimization?

Checkout optimization is the process of making products more accessible for customers to purchase. After all, long and complicated checkout processes are responsible for 17% of abandoned e-commerce carts.   By improving the UX checkout flow of your buying process, you can streamline the steps customers take to buy from your online store. Some examples of checkout optimization include:

  • Customizing your checkout form to eliminate unnecessary form fields.
  • Ensuring the language in each of your checkout form fields is clear.
  • Making the checkout form easily accessible by adding it to the same page as your product information.
  • Accepting a wide variety of payment methods to ensure easy buying.

Each improvement you make to your online checkout experience will eliminate potential customer problems and minimize cart abandonment.  

What is Checkout Automation?

Checkout automation is the process of streamlining steps in the buying process to minimize the clicks and input required by customers.   Unlike checkout optimization, automation tools will actually do some of the work for you and your customer. This practice is made possible by harmonizing the technology in your customer’s device and your e-commerce platform.   Automated checkout processes include:

  • Accepting automatic payments with a mobile wallet (like Apple Pay and Google Pay) or pre-set credit card information.
  • Support auto-fill with shipping address information for physical product sales.
  • Implement automatic order fulfillment, course enrollment, or digital delivery for digital product sales.

With the rise of AI, staying in step with the latest checkout automation features can help give your online store an edge over less adaptive e-commerce businesses.  

How Checkout Automation and Optimization Work Together

When creating an ideal checkout experience, you need both checkout optimization and automation. Checkout optimization will simplify the buying process, while automation will eliminate avoidable steps. Automation should be the first priority in improving your online buying process, as it can have the greatest positive influence on your sales. Once you reach the limitations of automation, you can optimize any remaining checkout elements.  

A Quick Guide to Optimizing and Automating Checkouts

Improving your checkout process is gloriously simple with the right foundational support. Let’s explore some effective ways to start optimizing and automating your online checkout experience.  

  • Spend time improving your fast checkout experience by customizing your checkout form fields to remove unnecessary steps.
  • Communicate clearly with customers to avoid any complications or confusion.
  • Partner with a leading e-commerce platform that will support the latest checkout improvements.
  • Take advantage of the newest checkout tools and features.
  • Update your e-commerce payment gateway to ensure your online storefront accepts all of the latest payment options.

Improve Your Checkout Process With SamCart

SamCart is here to help you automate and optimize your e-commerce checkout process. Our checkout features are proven to boost sales while making transactions easier for you and your customers alike. Sign up for your free SamCart trial to get started today!


What is Checkout Optimization?

Checkout optimization refers to the process of improving the checkout experience for customers to increase conversion rates. This can include simplifying the checkout process, improving page loading speeds, offering multiple payment options, and ensuring the checkout page is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Can Checkout Optimization and Checkout Automation Work Together?

Absolutely! Combining one-click checkout optimization and automation can provide a seamless and efficient checkout experience for customers. Optimization enhances the user experience, while automation speeds up the transaction process. Together, they can lead to higher conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction.

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