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How AI Can Impact Your E-Commerce Success


ChatGPT was introduced on November 30, 2022, by OpenAI– a San Francisco–based research laboratory. By making advanced AI content accessible to users for free, ChatGPT immediately started impacting the world of e-commerce. When used properly, AI tools can help launch your business forward. 

SamCart is here with a look at how creators can use AI to promote online success, as well as tips on avoiding the potential negative impacts of AI.  

Email Marketing and Customer Messaging

According to Statista, email marketing is predicted to generate almost $11 billion in revenue this year. However, content creators often struggle to find the time necessary to run email campaigns. Thanks to AI tools, it is now easier than ever for online sellers to get their share in email marketing revenue. 

You can simply prompt ChatGPT to write promotional emails, cart abandonment recovery messages, thank you emails, popup prompts, and so much more. Then, edit and brand your material before sending it through your site’s email integration. While email marketing management will still require some oversight from creators, AI tools can cut out work hours while substantially boosting your revenue.

Product Descriptions and AI

Content creators spend countless hours behind the scenes when preparing for each new product launch. While you know your products best, you can use AI to guide and support your writing process. 

Is your brain blanking on a description? Are you looking for alternative headline options? You can merely plug your request into an AI tool like ChatGPT. This resource will give you description suggestions and ideas. From there, you can edit and refine the content to your liking. Using AI can minimize the time and effort required to complete these administrative tasks while leaving more time for you to focus on your brand.

Support Creating Worksheets, Quizzes, and Other Online Course Material

Online course sellers know how much work goes into creating a well-rounded student experience. Videos are just the tip of the iceberg. Creators must go the extra mile to build out quizzes, resources, and more. Let AI tools like ChatGPT help. 

Ready to put your online course students to the test? Just ask ChatGPT to help generate your quizzes or worksheets. You can input your articles and course resources for custom quiz results. If your course information is largely video-based, you can upload a summary or transcript of the course material. Then, simply ask ChatGPT to make a quiz. 

Creators can also specify the quiz question type—such as true/false, multiple choice, or open-ended questions to get results tailored to your course. If you need a summary, reference guide, or any other course resource, ChatGPT can help you get started. 

Considerations and Limitations of AI

Regarding AI, it is easy for online sellers to fly too close to the sun. Therefore, it is essential to always review and edit any AI-generated content. Additionally, to avoid some potentially negative impacts of AI, creators should keep a few considerations in mind. 

Avoiding Inaccuracy, Missing Information, and Bias

It is vital to review and edit all AI-generated content. Depending on your request or topic, AI can produce a fair deal of inaccurate or biased information. ChatGPT can even rationalize or contextualize these inaccuracies—making them hard to detect for someone unfamiliar with a topic. This tendency is known as artificial intelligence hallucination—and it will likely be a problem for the foreseeable future. 

ChatGPT is also currently operating on a limited knowledge base. As such, it will not support any topics involving trends, news, or updates. To keep your brand relevant, you may need to stay one step ahead of AI. 

Your Brand and Voice

AI tools cannot capture the unique elements of your brand, products, or services. Thankfully, this element is the easy part for most content creators. Simply editing the written tone and adding insights can help keep your content consistent with your brand voice. 

The Technical Stuff: AI Clashes with Google

As of December 2022, Google was responsible for more than 84% of online searches– making it an essential avenue for e-commerce success. However, AI-generated content goes against Google’s guidelines. As a result, your pages could get penalized or completely deindexed if you misuse AI tools. 

It is important to stay aware of these potential limitations while moving your business forward in this new age of online sales. With the right balance, you can boost profits while using AI and e-commerce features to ease your overhead busywork. 

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