Increase Your Revenue In 2023 By Monetizing Your Content Outside Of Social Media

January 6, 2023
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As you settle into the new year, you might imagine how your revenue can grow in 2023. For creators and influencers, this will include new ways of monetizing your content. You can explore sales solutions outside social media to reach your fullest income potential. SamCart is here to unpack ways to monetize your content independently and increase your 2023 revenue.

The Drawbacks of Social Media Monetization

It can be easy to monetize your content through social media platforms—especially for influencers and creators. However, this method comes with a few considerations:

  • Ads and Sponsored Content Limitations: A lot of social media revenue can come from ads, partnerships, and sponsorships. These opportunities can be competitive and limited.
  • Creative Control: Sponsored social media content can come at the expense of your brand and creative control. Creators and influencers may need to filter their content to meet the guidelines and requirements of advertising partners.
  • Social Media Changes: The social media landscape changes daily—with each shift having the potential to disrupt your business. You can achieve stability and independence by earning income outside social media.

Ultimately, content creators can miss out on valuable income when focusing only on social platforms. So let’s take a look at some of the other ways you can boost revenue by monetizing your content.

Online Courses from Content Creators

Your content is successful on social media for a reason: audiences enjoy your videos or posts. But unfortunately, when you publish your content on social media, most of the revenue it generates will go directly to the platform—whether it be YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or others. What if you could sell your content directly to your audience instead? Online courses let you do just that. Unlike social media platforms, online course platforms like SamCart do not rely on ad revenue. Rather, you charge customers directly for access to your online course. Most importantly, SamCart does not take a cut of your profit or charge any unnecessary fees—making it easy to grow your revenue.

Create and Sell Subscription Services

You can unlock reliable, recurring revenue when launching your own subscription service. Creators can offer subscriptions for online courses, exclusive content, and regular digital product deliveries. SamCart’s e-commerce platform makes subscription services simple, accessible, and effective for influencers and creators ready to monetize. By offering a wide range of subscription-based pricing—like unlimited subscriptions, limited subscriptions, and paid or free trials—you can customize your subscription model for your target audience. Best of all, tools like the Subscription Saver and Customer Portal do the overhead work for you, leaving more time to focus on your content.

Sell Digital Products and Downloads

Selling digital downloads is becoming more and more popular as we enter 2023. You can sell countless digital products in almost any industry—click here for our list of 60+ popular digital product ideas. Selling digital downloads has various benefits, including how easy they are for creators and clients alike. You can unlock automatic delivery, eliminating all the hassle associated with shipping. Meanwhile, your customers enjoy instant access to their items. Digital products are also an eco-friendly alternative to selling physical products. However, there are advantages to both of these sales methods. Let’s explore some of the ways physical product sales can also boost your revenue this year.

Physical Product Sales

While digital products have plenty of benefits, traditional clients may prefer a physical copy over a digital one—be it books, music, art, or photography. Creators and influencers can also easily monetize by selling brand merchandise. Another benefit of physical product sales is the larger payouts per transaction. Physical, homemade products are often worth more than their digital counterparts. However, lower prices on digital items can mean more sales volume—evening out your revenue in the long run. Physical sales and digital products often go hand-in-hand. Finding an e-commerce platform that supports both can double your revenue. For example, if you sell online courses, you might also offer add-on sales for the physical tools and products your customers will need to succeed. There are countless ways you can combine these two monetizing strategies to support the success of your customers and your business alike.

Grow Or Launch 2023 Be Your Greatest Year Yet With SamCart

Whether your New Year’s resolutions include:

  • Growing your business
  • Launching a new product
  • Monetizing your content for the first time

SamCart can help. We have the tools and resources that creators, influencers, and businesses need to sell online successfully. Sign up for your free trial to get started today!