Checkout Automation FAQ for Online Sales

January 31, 2023
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The buzz around checkout automation is sweeping the e-commerce industry. With the potential to improve sales and revenue while alleviating customer hassles, the excitement here is understandable. However, the quick popularity of checkout automation is leaving many creators and sellers with questions. The experts at SamCart are here to help! So read on for the answers to all your burning checkout questions.

What Is Checkout Automation?

Checkout automation is the process of streamlining the checkout experience for e-commerce sales. Automating the checkout process can ease transaction hassles for buyers and boost revenue for sellers. Examples of checkout automation in action include leveraging order bumps to maximize customer value, implementing upsell and downsell logic, and split-testing to optimize offer bundles—essentially any way you can leverage automation and data to customize the checkout experience.

Why is Checkout Automation Important?

The checkout process is the final step in closing a sale. However, it can also be the most complicated. Cart abandonment is common as customers run into challenges buying online. Data from Baymard Institute suggests 69.8% of all e-commerce transactions result in cart abandonment—which they largely attribute to UX issues in the checkout process. Every delay or hurdle in the checkout flow can give customers time to overthink their purchases. Automating the checkout process can eliminate the second guesses and digital limitations preventing potential customers from experiencing your products. Once new customers try your products, you can effortlessly earn more revenue from various avenues:

  • Upselling: Increase your average order value with upselling. This process offers customers additional products at a discounted rate after they have completed their purchases.
  • Repeat customers: Your products will leave customers coming back for more. According to Investopedia, repeat customers account for 50% of e-commerce transactions.
  • Recommendations: As satisfied customers share their recommendations with friends, family, coworkers, and more, you can effortlessly close new sales.
  • Reviews: When a happy customer leaves a positive review on your site, it can encourage other browsers to buy.

You first need to close the initial sale to earn revenue and unlock these benefits. An automated checkout is perhaps the easiest way to convert potential customers into buyers.

How Do I Automate My Online Checkout Process?

While it might sound too good to be true, e-commerce checkout automation comes with proven results. So how can creators get started? This selling feature is easy to implement with the right tools on your side.

Minimize the Number of Clicks

Navigating complicated websites can lead to cart abandonment. A direct web experience paired with a seamless checkout process will substantially boost sales. Minimizing the number of clicks that it takes customers to buy your products online is an easy way to automate your checkout process.

Accept Major Payment Options

Many online shoppers today have their information pre-saved on their phones or in their browsers. This feature allows customers to complete a five-minute checkout process with the click of a button. But what if your online business does not accept the buyer’s preferred payment method? All of the convenience built into the latest checkout technology becomes inaccessible. Automated checkouts require your brand to accept a comprehensive variety of payment options.

Customize Checkout Forms

One-size-fits-all checkout processes tend to collect unnecessary information. For example, does your checkout form require a shipping address for digital products and online courses? Any extra steps can complicate the buying process and discourage potential sales. When you customize your checkout experience, you can easily cut out any extra noise.

Find the Right E-Commerce Platform

It helps to find an e-commerce platform that supports the tools, features, and integrations needed to automate your checkout process. SamCart, for example, has helped spearhead the movement toward checkout automation for creators and creator CEOs. Our platform is naturally designed to automate the purchase process—benefitting creators and their customers alike.

Automate Checkouts and Boost Your Sales with SamCart

If you are a content creator ready to monetize, SamCart is here for you. We help influencers, creators, and online sellers boost profits with an automated checkout process. You can sign up for a free SamCart trial—or grab your free copy of The Profit Playbook Mini-Book on Checkout Automation to start selling online today!