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The Benefits of Customizing Your Checkout Page

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There are many ways to boost your online sales using SamCart, from Pay What You Want Pricing to 1-click upsells. While traditional sales platforms, such as Etsy and Amazon, have a predesigned checkout form, SamCart allows its users to customize their checkout page so that it’s easier for their buyers to pay—helping content creators to boost their sales.

What Customizations Help Boost Sales?

One common mistake creators often encounter on their checkout page is a lack of variety in payment options. Today’s modern buyer thrives on convenience. When a checkout page only allows two or three options for payment, you’re more likely to lose potential customers. Customizing your checkout page with various payment methods will help boost sales. 

Thankfully, SamCart allows users to offer a wide range of payment options on their checkout page, from digital wallets and credit/debit cards to SamPay—our custom Stripe integration.

Checkout form placement can also play a significant role in your conversion rate. You can boost sales by tailoring your form placement to your product page. For example, some merchants benefit from placing their checkout form at the bottom of a product’s page so that users are prompted to buy after reading your compelling product description. Conversely, the checkout forms for smaller purchases or impulse buys might be better off at the top of the page—prompting users to check out immediately without overthinking. Ideally, custom checkout pages allow you to place your purchase form in the most convenient location possible. 

How Do I Make My Checkout Page More Convenient For Customers?

Aside from offering more payment options for your clients, SamCart makes shopping easier through one-page checkouts. One way of customizing your checkout pages for customers is by utilizing SamCart’s One Page Funnel Template. This template allows you to have several payment options for your customers on one page, making it more buyer-friendly. When boosting sales, convenience is key, and nothing’s more convenient than a one-and-done layout.

How Do I Gain The Trust Of My Customers By Customizing My Checkout Page?

With rampant fraud, scamming, and hacking found across the web, it can be hard to gain the trust of your customers. After all, a security scare is a quick way to lose a sale. Part of boosting your sales through customizing your checkout page is earning the trust of your customers. 

Custom checkout pages give you a chance to add trust badges and seals, as well as positive reviews from your customers. In fact, SamCart trends suggest that including positive testimonials at checkout can increase a creator’s sales by 21%.

Does The Look of My Checkout Pages Affect My Sales? 

The short and simple answer is: Yes!

In checking out, there will always be a certain degree of required fields that a customer must fill out. However, customers are more inclined to buy from a platform that requires the least amount of work. Shortening lengthy checkout forms can help increase your sales.

Aesthetically speaking, it’s essential to have a checkout page that is pleasing to the eye. Professionally-designed templates can help you effortlessly achieve attractive checkout pages designed to convert.

Make Your Customers’ Checkout Experience More Convenient with Samcart 

SamCart is the ultimate form of convenient online shopping, both for you and your clients. For more information on how to get started, you can watch our demo video here and sign up for a free trial with SamCart today!

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