9 New CheckoutOS Updates Released This Week

August 11, 2023
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CheckoutOS went live on July 25th, and the feedback and results from SamCart users has been nothing short of remarkable. If you missed it, check out our CheckoutOS keynote here.

What’s included in our Checkout Operating System?

  • Checkout Anywhere, which lets you place SamCart’s lightning-fast checkout anywhere on the web 
  • Our four Conversion Boosters that help you make more money from more people buying more of your products and services
  • The Ability to monitor the health and growth of your business right from your data-rich PulseView Dashboard

These features have already made a significant impact on our customers’ businesses – but we didn’t stop there. Since July 25, we’ve released 9 new updates to Checkout and other features that will make your experience even better. Keep reading to learn more about them.

9 Exciting CheckoutOS Updates Released This Week

One-Click Checkout for All Stripe Sellers

One-Click Checkout powered by Stripe Link is now available for any creator using SamPay or Stripe to process their payments. Previously, it was only available to SamPay users, but now Stripe Link and millions of stored credit cards are available to Stripe users, too.

Now, your customer enters their email address, confirms a 6-digit code, and their credit card is waiting for them at checkout – and they’ll never have to enter their checkout information again. Take the checkout time for your customers down to 7 seconds with this update.

Checkout Anywhere Currency Support

SamCart’s latest CheckoutOS technology now supports global currencies!

Use SamCart Express and Embed while displaying your prices in EUR, AUD, CAD, GBP, and more.

Order Bump Images

On new SamCart Express or Embed checkouts, you can place beautiful 1x1 square images next to your products and order bumps. This can help your customers visualize what they’re buying or allow you to reinforce your branding. These blocks even have support for animated GIFs, so your checkout can be engaging from start to finish.

Upsell Live Preview

See a live preview of your one click upsell pages, so you don’t have to jump into SamCart’s drag & drop builder to see what you have designed.

Upsell Default Template

No more designing your own upsell pages if you don’t want to. There’s now a simplified template you can use on any upsell page, saving you hours of design and copywriting for anyone who wants to keep things moving and generate even more profit.

Simple Upsell Creation

Every upsell boosts your average order value by up to 68%, and now it’s easier than ever to create them. Add on an upsell (or a whole funnel of them) right from any product’s settings under the ‘Offers’ tab in your dashboard, saving you precious time.

Product Details

Your checkout needs to be lightning fast. But when customers have questions, the new “product details” link can provide important context for your recommended products.

When your customers click on product details, a modal window launches where you can explain exactly what your customers will receive when adding that product to their order. One simple button on the modal window allows customers to easily add that product to their order with zero wasted clicks on all devices including mobile.

Live Chat Throughout The App

If you and your team are subscribers to SamCart’s Dedicated Support Premium Live Chat add-on, you can now engage with our team from any page inside of your account.

Team SamCart even knows what page you’re on within your dashboard. Wherever you are in your app, we’re there, too. This saves both you and our team time and headaches while quickly resolving your problem.

Orbital Product Feedback

When you login, you could be prompted to chat directly with the SamCart Product Team! This is your chance to give us direct feedback on what you’re loving and not loving about SamCart. Help influence the future of the top eCommerce platform for creators and help us design features that you need to scale your business.

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