Advancing The Checkout Revolution: Introducing SamCart’s New Suite of Conversion-Boosting Features

July 25, 2023

Today, we launch a revolutionary checkout operating system that kills the traditional checkout page.

If you haven’t been able to scale your business, hire additional help, or grow your bottom line, your checkout process is likely to blame.

And let’s face it: Checkout in eCommerce has traditionally been cold, isolating, and far too convoluted. Consumers are demanding shorter, faster checkouts from any device and anywhere on the web they’re browsing, and most eCommerce platforms haven’t offered creators and sellers the solutions they need.

Until now.

SamCart’s brand new CheckoutOS features a suite of features and technologies designed to:

  • Boost conversions by 2-3x
  • Eliminate cart abandonment and checkout drop-off
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Improve the customer checkout experience
  • Cater to multiple different payment methods for all potential customers

These features were created thoughtfully to address specific problems creators face in today’s market. Keep reading to learn more about them and how you can leverage each feature (as a SamCart customer) to mitigate those problems:

Checkout, Reimagined: Introducing SamCart’s new features

Checkout Anywhere


Checkout pages across eCommerce are killing your conversions. They load slowly, leave a ton of room for errors, function poorly on mobile, and take forever to complete. All of these factors create doubt and confusion in even your best customers, ultimately causing you to lose the sale.

On top of that, your customers aren’t just lurking your sales pages waiting to buy something – they’re watching videos on YouTube, scrolling Instagram, reading your emails, or poking around the links in your bio.

You need the flexibility to bring your checkout wherever you need it and make it a painless, frictionless process.


Checkout Anywhere lets you place your checkout wherever you want it while boasting the fastest checkout speed in the industry. Checkout Anywhere includes –

Express Checkout, which doubles your conversions with the fastest checkout experience online, specially optimized for mobile checkouts. Slash checkout time from 2 minutes to 7 seconds and create checkout pages that prioritize conversions by eliminating unnecessary elements in your checkout flow.

Embedded Checkout, which lets you embed lightning-fast checkout anywhere your customers hang out online, like your homepage, sales page, webinar rooms, blog — anywhere you want, or anywhere that lets you paste our proprietary HTML code.

Checkout Anywhere’s embedded and express checkout features are the standard for online checkout these days, and they’re supercharged by SamCart’s existing suite of conversion-boosting features like one-click upsells, order bumps, and more.

Getting customers to your checkout flow is half the battle – now, you need to make it faster, easier, and more enjoyable than ever to hit “purchase,” ultimately growing your bottom line with every new and returning customer.

These next features were designed as our 4 Conversion Boosters:

One-Click Checkout by Stripe


41% of people abandon their cart if the checkout process is too long. Every second your customers have to spend minutes re-entering their personal information is a second too long, leaving room for drop-off before checkout.


In partnership with Stripe’s world-class payment processing technology, we’ve created One-Click Checkout by Stripe. Your customers can leverage their securely saved credit card information and complete purchases within seconds with just their email address, even if they’ve never purchased from you before.

46% of our top creators’ sales come from repeat purchases of past customers. Now, you can send them directly to checkout with their information saved on file, creating a seamless and efficient experience that encourages those repeat purchases, fostering customer loyalty and maximizing customer lifetime value.

One-Click Checkout by Apple Pay


Every time you require more work from customers at checkout, conversion rates plummet. Removing shipping & billing addresses alone from your checkout flow increases conversion by 35.1%. Like One-Click Checkout with Stripe, you need a way customers can access stored checkout information and utilize it with a single click.


iOS users are familiar with the power of Apple Pay, and now SamCart creators can leverage this technology in their own checkout flows. 

Starting now, when customers choose Apple Pay on SamCart checkouts, we’ll work with Apple behind the scenes to securely capture the customer’s name, email, phone number, and even their address. You’ll still get all of that rich customer data without the hassle of your customers entering it at checkout. 

One-Click Checkout by Apple Pay brings time to checkout down to an average of 8.4 seconds, 10x faster than any other platform.

Buy Now, Pay Later


Creators everywhere question how they should be pricing their offerings to still turn a profit without turning customers away from high-ticket products? Big price tags are the first things to scare prospective customers away if they don’t have a solution to reasonably afford that product.


Buy Now, Pay Later. This revolutionary technology has taken over eCommerce of physical products, and SamCart is now one of the first digital product-first eCommerce platforms to offer it.

Through partnerships with Klarna, Affirm, and Afterpay, your customers can split their purchase into manageable, interest-free installments – yet you get paid, in full, at the time of purchase. Your BNPL partner will assume any risk of returns or declined payments, leaving you to retain your profits, close 30% more sales, and boost average order value by 40% or more.

What reimagining checkout means for creators

Bringing checkout to the forefront gives creators or anyone who sells digital products a chance to fix those stalling conversion rates, recoup lost sales, and give customers the experience they’re demanding.

If the current eCommerce platforms or suite of tools you’re using don’t give you those same opportunities, you’re missing out on a significant opportunity to scale your business.

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You have nothing to lose by putting SamCart to the test. If you sign up today, you’ll get access to not only a free 7-day trial, but a free live webinar hosted by our co-founders on ways to amplify our new checkout-enhancing features.

You owe it to your business and your customers to give them the best possible experience.

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