SamCart’s New Simplified Upsells With Sr. Product Manager Garrett Gretsch

September 13, 2023
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ICYMI: SamCart’s Upsell feature just got even better. With new Simplified Upsells, making more money from every customer is easier than ever.
Keep reading to learn more about Simplified Upsells from SamCart’s Senior Product Manager, Garrett Gretsch.

At SamCart, we know that giving customers the right offer at the right time produces great results, both for the seller and for the buyer. That's why, for years, SamCart has been the industry leader for features like Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells.

We know that creators who include post-purchase Upsells see their Average Order Value increase as much as 68%. Unfortunately, less than half of our creators use this feature.

There are many reasons why this is the case, but the one that we have the most control over is the process through which Upsells are created. We've heard creators say, "I know I should include an Upsell on every sales page, but it's just so much work. I'll be honest. I don't do it out of laziness."

These creators aren't wrong. To add one Upsell to one Product in SamCart requires creating two products, designing a sales page, creating an Upsell, creating a funnel, adding that Upsell to the funnel, designing the Upsell page, then going back into the 1st product's settings to add the funnel.

That shouldn’t be the case. 

So, that's why we started to release improvements that speed up the process and make adding Upsells even easier.

We started by eliminating the need for funnels. We saw that the majority of sellers only include one Upsell in a funnel. So why have a funnel? Now you can choose to add just one Upsell to your sales page without configuring a funnel. Want multiple Upsells? The funnel's functionality is still there for you to use.

That change alone increased the engagement with our post-purchase offers functionality by 30%.

Next, we tackled the need to design an entirely new Upsell page from scratch. It’s a lot of work to start with a blank canvas, write all copy, design the page, and more. Once an Upsell is created, it now includes a fully functional page complete with a product image and description, so SamCart users don’t have to spend time copywriting and designing. Sellers can still create custom Upsell pages when they want, but it’s no longer a requirement.

Last, we gave sellers the ability to create Upsells right from their product settings. No more switching back and forth between product settings and the offers tab – in just a few clicks, you can increase your AOV by 68%.

There may be other reasons not to include an Upsell on your sales page, but we're not going to let inefficient interface design be one of them.

Simplified Upsells can boost conversions and add nearly 70% to your bottom line. If your eCommerce platform of choice doesn’t give you the tools to create more revenue for your business, give SamCart’s profit-boosting features a try for free for 7 days.