NEW FEATURE: Subscription Completed Trigger

January 25, 2024

“Automate, automate, automate” – it’s the name of the game for digital business owners, but how do you know what to automate? And why do we need to automate these tasks?

In 2024, we’re automating… but we’re doing so intelligently. Smart automation frees up time spent on tasks that you could be using to scale your business and keep your customers happy.

That’s why our newest little feature, the “Subscription Completed Trigger” is an exciting one we just rolled out here at SamCart. Setting up this trigger in any of your integrations or workflows can be a game-changer for not just your day-to-day task list – it can actually help you convert more and retain customers, plus keep more money coming into the fold.

Let’s look at some use cases for when you would use the new Subscription Completed Trigger, and watch the quick walkthrough below for even more examples:

Using the new Subscription Completed Trigger

Within your SamCart environment, you can set up integration rules that trigger all kinds of actions. The Subscription Completed Trigger is the newest trigger you can set up, and you can apply it to any group of customers, an email list, or to your entire audience.

Here are five automation use cases that make this trigger super useful:

Payment plans.

If you offer payment plans for your higher-priced offerings, like a course or a premium product, you can trigger off integration actions when someone successfully reaches the end of that payment plan. 

You can use this to send them an email invoice of their completed payment plan, invite them to join a membership or community, or collect their feedback on their experience.

Access revoked.

Brands like Ship 30 for 30 who run limited challenges or expirational experiences will need to ensure that customers can no longer access content or a community once that experience ends. 

You can use the Subscription Completed Trigger to revoke access once their time is up.

Certification/coaching invite.

In the same vein, you may offer a certification or some sort of coaching experience where your students complete that work and may be looking for ways to continue their involvement. You can use the Subscription trigger to recruit them as coaches or VIP members in your community.


Glowing testimonials are a must-have in your marketing arsenal. You can trigger emails or SMS to send at the end of a course or experience and collect testimonials or ask students to become an affiliate marketer of your offerings.

Re-up product order.

For physical products and CPG, the Subscription Completed Trigger works great for sending automated messaging around the time that a customer should re-order or replenish their product.

Automate more of your business with SamCart

If you sell anything online – be it physical or digital products, services, courses, and the like – finding an eCommerce solution that helps you intelligently automate your business so you can spend more time focusing on your customers is critical to success.

Click here to learn more about SamCart and see our other core features. When you’re ready, start a free 7-day trial to give our conversion-boosting platform a test drive.

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