5 New SamCart Features to Triple Black Friday Conversions

November 1, 2023

Not unlike Black Friday for traditional retail, Black Friday for creators is one of the biggest opportunities of the year.

And, you might have seen our latest data drop featuring jaw-dropping stats on the biggest selling weekend of the year. Insights like…

  • 70% of your sales will come from new buyers, and 30% from existing customers
  • Your existing customers spend, on average, 41% more than new ones
  • Average order value gets a 7-10% boost over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend
  • The average discount over the weekend is 50% – 2x larger than the average year-round discount or sale
  • Conversion rate on orders that use coupons is 3x higher than those without

With that in mind, we’re launching six new features and enhancements bound to make this the best Black Friday yet for creators using SamCart. These features were designed to give SamCart users the biggest opportunities to acquire customers, make as much profit as possible, and keep new buyers in the fold the rest of the year and beyond.

Let’s deep dive into what these features are and how you can use them to win this Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

SamCart’s five newest features that will help you win Black Friday

Boost Conversions With Coupons

Offer both new and returning customers coupons to easily give them the Black Friday deal they’re looking for. Conversion rates on orders with coupons are 30% higher than those without a coupon, so using them can give your sales a massive boost!

Within SamCart, you can now create, manage, and delete coupons for any or all of your products and services with ease, and you can offer different coupons to different segments of your audience.


Scale Profits With Simplified Upsells

Last year alone, SamCart users created an additional $9.7 million in free money on Black Friday from features like Upsells and Order Bumps, so we made the process easier than ever to create these features.

Our new Simplified Upsells let you create those post-purchase add-ons easier and faster than ever, freeing up time so you can focus on acquiring new customers and bringing existing ones back into the fold.

Black Friday is the perfect time to use Upsells that enhance your customer’s orders, as they’re already likely getting a discount on their purchase.

kajabi black friday

Three Checkout Anywhere Updates

A few months ago, we released Checkout Anywhere: a powerful tool combining two features, Express and Embed Checkouts, that allow you to place the Internet’s fastest checkout anywhere your customers hang out.

Since July, SamCart users have seen massive boosts in their conversion rates – some by as high as 8.75%. Going even deeper, Express Checkout alone boosts conversion rates by a stunning 85% over our standard checkout process, while One-Click Checkout options convert an additional 3x more.

With the success of Checkout Anywhere, we’ve introduced four new features within it to not only make your Black Friday sale a success, but to set your business up to scale in 2024 and beyond.

Capture Pertinent Data With Custom Fields

You’ll have a ton of new eyes on you this Black Friday – capturing that critical customer information can help you make informed decisions that affect your entire business, year-round. Add custom fields that allow you to collect deeper, richer customer data this Black Friday.

Design Branded Order Bumps

Order Bumps, like Upsells, help generate additional profit on top of the sales you’re already making from your base offerings, services, and products. Now, you can brand those Order Bumps to create a cohesive experience across your entire brand, and new customers can get a better sense of who you are and what your business is about.

Plus, our latest data shows creators that use Order Bumps make 5x more revenue than those that don’t.

Offer Additional Payment Options to Grow Sales (Coming soon!)

With each new payment option you offer at checkout, you’ll boost conversions by up to 17%. This includes One-Click Checkout, Buy Now, Pay Later, credit card, PayPal, and more. Ensure that every customer who hits your checkout can buy with their preferred payment method.

3 tips for putting our new features into practice

New features are great, but knowing how to leverage them to profit big on Black Friday is even better. Here are our 3 tips for putting these new features into practice:

  1. Create a Coupon Code to Track Use: Coupons, of course, signal to a buyer that you have a sale running. But, more importantly, you can capture who used your coupon codes, see what they bought, and use that information to inform future sales.

  2. Reduce Risk with Buy Now, Pay Later: As mentioned above, adding an additional payment option like Buy Now, Pay Later increases conversions – in this case, by up to 40%. Your customers may be spending more over the Black Friday weekend, and offering Buy Now, Pay Later can swing their purchase decision in your favor if they don’t have to spend the full cost upfront.

  3. Create Virtual Expansion Revenue Opportunities: Order Bumps and Upsells helped SamCart users turn serious profit last Black Friday, but creating something new out of thin air to sell pre- or post-purchase may not be possible before the big weekend. Offer something you don’t have to create, be it face-to-face time with you, expert audits or critiques, or pre-sale admission to an event or membership group you’ll create in 2024.

See the difference a great eCommerce checkout platform can have on your Black Friday sale

These are just the latest features we’ve unveiled to make SamCart the most profitable platform for your Black Friday sale or promotion.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to use it to enhance your Black Friday sale and scale revenue: Click here to start a free trial ahead of the holiday sales weekend so you can be set up for success well in advance!


How can One-Click Upsells contribute to tripling Black Friday conversions?

One-Click Upsells play a pivotal role in tripling Black Friday conversions by offering customers additional products with a single click after their initial purchase. This feature taps into the excitement of Black Friday, encouraging customers to enhance their shopping experience by adding relevant, complementary items effortlessly. By simplifying the upsell process, SamCart empowers businesses to maximize revenue during this critical sales period.

How can discount stacking with SamCart make Black Friday promotions more appealing?

Discount stacking enhances the allure of Black Friday promotions by allowing customers to combine multiple discounts at checkout—possible with SamCart’s Coupons feature. This flexibility incentivizes larger purchases, as shoppers can leverage various discounts simultaneously. The synergy of different discounts creates a compelling value proposition, driving higher conversion rates and increased order values during the Black Friday sales rush.

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