New Slide Checkout Hack Boosts Conversions by +48%

February 13, 2024

In the pursuit of creating the fastest checkout experience on the internet, we have a brand new tool for you to test – Slide Checkout. This simple code snippet boosted our conversion rates by +48% in a recent test. 

Even better than that, it lowered acquisition costs by 66%. 

What would improvements like that do for your bottom line? Now you can test this brand new checkout experience for your own courses, services, or coaching.

We’re calling it Slide Checkout and, while it isn’t an official new feature, we found a way to make our already game-changing Embedded checkout even better with a sliding mechanism that lets your customers checkout immediately from any sales page.

Click here to see a demo of Slide Checkout in action, and keep reading to see the results from our test. We’ll even send you our proprietary Slide Checkout code when you start a free trial of SamCart.

Boost Conversion with new Slide Checkout

Every day, we spend tens of thousands of dollars on paid media to acquire new customers for SamCart and CreatorU

We used a CreatorU offer for a 5-day course creation challenge to test this new Slide Checkout mechanism:

new Slide Checkout

Above, you’ll see our standard checkout: It opens in a separate tab and allows customers to quickly checkout. We used this checkout for this particular offer until we launched Embedded Checkout in July.

Using a small snippet of code, Embedded checkout was able to turn into “Slide Checkout,” aptly named as it slides out like a drawer onto the page your customer is already on.

embedded Slide Checkout

Here’s what’s even cooler about this embedded Slide Checkout:

  • Auto-applied coupons: Don’t send customers searching for coupon codes – applying it right then and there decreases the risk of them leaving to find your discount offer and never coming back to checkout
  • Stored credit cards: Stripe Link users will already have their customer information populated, allowing them to checkout without having to type a thing
  • Seamless order bumps: Users of pre-purchase order bumps, on average, earn 5x more than non-users. With Embedded and Slide Checkout, you can add your order bump right to the checkout flow so they can add it to their order in one click
testing Slide Checkout

After testing Slide Checkout for some time, the results were pretty remarkable.

Customer acquisition costs were slashed by 66%, and conversion rate nearly doubled, an improvement of 48%.

Slide Checkout Slashes Customer Acquisition Costs

It’s no secret that nearly everything is more expensive these days. Not just cost of living, but cost of business, too.

Customer acquisition costs have skyrocketed, causing your ad dollars to not have the same stretch they once had. Software’s more expensive, employees are more costly to hire and train – if you can make up costs and retain more revenue anywhere, it’s critical to the future of your business that you take it.

Cutting down on customer acquisition costs and converting more of those new customers are two surefire ways to put money back into your business — and this new Slide Checkout hack can achieve both.

Try Slide Checkout for free

Imagine what you could do with two-thirds more money back in your pocket after cutting acquisition costs. Or, what 48% more conversions would do for your bottom line.

Well, you won’t need to imagine for long – if you start a free SamCart trial today, we’re sharing that exact code with you and showing you how to implement it.

Try Slide Checkout on a funnel or for a launch or promo you’re running and see the insane impact it could have on your bottom line.

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