Why SamCart’s Newest Bundle is Your 2024 Secret Weapon

January 2, 2024
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A new year means new, big possibilities and new goals to set and achieve.

But a new year also brings new challenges. New expenses. New people to hire. New software and solutions to purchase. New ads and content and social media posts and emails to create that take up a lot of your time and focus.

As a solopreneur, a creator, or a founder of a business, you’re often the only one handling the big tasks. Your to-do list only grows, and it gets harder and harder to check things off of that list. When you can’t get everything done, you ultimately leave sales on the table – sales that could grow your bottom line and earn you the freedom you were after all along.

You need a solution that helps you create, publish, and profit more, marking those “to-dos” to “done”.

Our newest bundle combines our three core products – SamCart, CreatorU, and Typeset – to help you churn out more work in just one month than you did all of 2023.

This offer is only available for a limited time, so let’s break down the specifics of this new bundle and why it will become the secret weapon behind scaling your business in 2024.

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What is this bundle?

Your job as a digital business owner boils down to three tasks: Creating, Publishing, and Profiting.

This bundle of tools allows you to do those three tasks quicker and more efficiently than ever, with each tool offering a unique benefit you can’t find anywhere else:

Creating → CreatorU: The ONLY place you can learn from SamCart’s co-founders & top creators how to grow and scale your business

Publishing → Typeset: The ONLY AI tool for creating pixel-perfect assets for growing your audience and your profits, designing stunning marketing assets, content, and more

Profiting → SamCart: The ONLY platform built to 2-3x your conversions & profits with our Checkout Anywhere and Expansion Revenue features

For the first time ever, these products are available under one roof at one incredible price. In fact, you can get this special bundle for $1,399. This includes a full year of SamCart Grow, CreatorU, and Typeset, 

Typically, this bundle would cost over $2,400 for the year:

SamCart Grow: $1,500/year

Typeset: $240/year

CreatorU: $240/year

This is your opportunity to lock in a 46% discount, which you can claim here before it’s gone.

Why should you purchase this bundle?

This bundle was built for creators, by creators. Being the solo creator behind every aspect of a business means you’re responsible for the marketing, operations, growth, product creation, selling, and customer retention – all of which has to happen if you want to scale a business.

Some of our best sellers have lean teams that carry some of the weight, but when you’re the creator of these products and services, you still have to be heavily invested in the business behind them.

Whether you’re hoping to achieve financial freedom, earn back time to spend time with the people and things you love, or build a legacy, you need to scale your business (and your bottom line) this year. 

That’s why we created this bundle: so you can do more with less. So you can cut back on that tech stack that’s weighing you and your wallet down. These three tools – CreatorU, SamCart, and Typeset – will help you work smarter, not harder. You won’t have to work as hard as you did in 2023 to keep your profits.

Claim the year’s best offer until January 5, 2024 at midnight PST

This is our best offer of the year, bar none. As an added bonus, our Implementation team is helping a select number of new customers get set up in their new platform at no additional cost. Whether you’re migrating from a different tool or setting up a net-new digital business, our team is ready to help.

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