Upselling: How to Make the Most of Each Customer Order

November 4, 2022

Every sale is a victory for small businesses and content creators monetizing their work. However, as many creators have seen firsthand, one large order can be more impactful than a handful of small purchases. The key to boosting your bottom line is making the most of each sale. One-click upsells can be a secret weapon for creators ready to grow their profits. The e-commerce experts at SamCart are here to explain how you can make the most of each order with upselling.

What is Upselling?

Upselling is the process of increasing your average order value by suggesting add-ons, upgrades, or additional products to customers after they check out from your online store. Once the upsell is accepted, new items are wrapped into the customer’s recent purchase. Upsells are commonly mistaken for order bumps, which are promotions and add-ons offered to customers before they checkout from your online shop.

Why Upselling Works: Insights for Creators

SamCart analyzed data from the billions of dollars flowing through our platform to determine the effectiveness of upsells. According to our database, a single one-click upsell post-purchase raises the average order value by 68%. So why does upselling work? The effectiveness of upselling largely lies in the fact that these offers are presented after the customer has placed their order. At this point in the buying process, the hardest part is over. Customers have chosen your online store, found a product they loved, provided their contact information, and made a payment. Now, they can begin getting excited about your products or services. Upsells are an easy way to enhance this excitement, offering extra goods for a customer to enjoy at a discounted price without overwhelming them during the purchase process. Your suggested add-ons might give customers new ideas and help them make the most of their purchases. Additionally, many upsells include exclusive discounts that customers love. Best of all, upsells are easy to add at the click of a button. Collectively, these offers provide your customers with everything they need while boosting your bottom line.

Benefits of Upsells

As mentioned above, upselling can offer advantages for both merchants and customers. So let’s take a closer look at five benefits of upselling:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Have you ever placed an exciting online order—only to find that you don’t have everything you need once your order arrives? This process can create a poor customer experience, leaving buyers discouraged and disengaged. Upselling is the perfect way to remind customers of all the pieces they might need to complete a project—effectively alleviating customer frustration and earning you a sizable profit.
  • Reduced Emissions: For physical product sellers, having a customer place one large order means less packaging waste and shipping emissions than having that same customer return to buy your upsell items at a later time.
  • Easy Shopping: One-Click Upselling creates a seamless shopping experience for your customers—letting them buy the products they need in seconds.
  • Simple Promotions: Customers love a good deal. Upselling offers an easy way for you to present your best promotions and discounts to customers who have already purchased items—making it easy for them to say yes to your products.
  • Your Bottom Line: Upselling is the easiest way to grow your bottom line. As a creator, small business, or online seller—upselling can completely revolutionize your profits.

Upselling for Online Businesses With SamCart

SamCart’s e-commerce platform makes it easier than ever to grow your online business. We streamline your business processes—from effortless upselling to simple billing and everything in between. You can get started free with a SamCart trial, or view our demo for a closer look today!

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