One-Click Upsell Your Way to a 7-Figure Business

January 16, 2018
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The one-click upsell might be the best kept secret in online sales.

It seems every online entrepreneur is looking for the secret to growing their business and boosting their sales online. The thing is, there's nothing secret about the single most effective strategy to doubling, or even tripling your profits.

The answer is called a one-click upsell.

What is a One-Click Upsell?

In general, an upsell is a strategy to increase the value of a customer's order. So when you offer a new customer the opportunity to buy something else, that's an upsell.

You might not know it yet, but you encounter upsells all the time. Here are a few examples of what an upsell looks in real life...

1: Grabbing the extended warranty plan for your new car...
2: Adding bacon to that cheeseburger you ordered (always a great decision)...
3: Upgrading from 28 to 128 GB of storage on your new phone...
4: Giving in to something off the dessert menu at your favorite restaurant...

Anytime someone gives you the opportunity to spend more money than you have to, that's an upsell.

You don't have to grab the extended warranty for your car, but it's a great deal for people who don't want to worry about maintenance.

You sure as heck didn't need to have key lime pie after dinner, but the waiter promptly gave you the dessert menu, and you happily dove right for it (I know I would).

The point is, the size of your order was increased because something else was offered to you. You come for dinner, they offer dessert. You show up for a phone, they offer more storage. Individually, it's not a crazy amount of extra money. But if you offer every table the dessert menu on a busy Saturday evening, those $8.00 desserts really start to add up.

That is an upsell, and they are extremely effective.

Now, there's a specific type of upsell that is 1,000x more effective [Hyperbole Alert] at making customers more valuable. But instead of looking at restaurants or car dealerships, you have to look at some of the world's most valuable companies.

I'm talking about Amazon, Apple, and the others who are leading the way in taking payments online.

The strategy is called a one-click upsell.

What makes using a One-Click Upsell 1,000X better?

Upselling customers is simple to do in person. But when it comes to online sales, you don't always get the opportunity to make additional offers during the checkout process.

And if you wait until after a customer has left your checkout page, you know what they'll have to do to buy any additional products you have to upsell them?

1: Open your email.
2: Click over to your checkout page.Consider your offer.
3: Go find their wallet.
4: Get out their credit card.
5: Re-enter their payment information.
6: Re-enter all their other personal information.
7: And THEN buy an additional upsell offer from you.

But if you use a one-click upsell, your customer is presented with an upsell immediately after they place their order. With a little technical razzle-dazzle, their credit card information is saved on file, and still “live” in the order!

SamCart One Click Upsell

So all your customer has to do to purchase an additional offer is...

1: Consider your offer.
2: Click one single button and buy your upsell.

You don't have to be a marketing genius to see that cutting out 4 steps — and 4 opportunities to abort the sale — exponentially increases the likelihood that your customer will take an offer presented as a one-click upsell.

It's the same reason Amazon and Apple have poured huge piles of cash into making it easier to buy MORE stuff.

How many times have you added a few items to your cart from Amazon's “Recommended Products” sections while placing an order? How many extra songs or apps have you purchased from the App Store because all you need to do is scan your fingerprint to place your order?

SamCart One Click Upsell Amazon Apple Example

When you make it that simple to purchase more stuff, your sales (and profits!) grow quickly.

Know who uses “one-click” upsells to make all their money?


Sure, they sell a kajillion cheeseburgers every year. But believe it or not, McDonalds would be out of business without 6 really simple words...

“Would you like fries with that?”

The fact is, McDonalds doesn't make much profit from selling you a $3 burger. The majority of their profits (aka the money they KEEP, and the only number that matters) are made off of you buying fries and a drink for another $2. Burgers cost about about $3 to make, while fries and a drink cost them about $0.25.

McDonalds One Click Upsell Profit Margins

McDonalds' entire strategy is to sell you the cheapest burger they can. Because they know if they can sell you burger (that they don't make any money on) they'll can get their actual payday on the fries and drink.

And because giving you the chance to add more items to your order BEFORE they run your credit card, it's a great brick and mortar store example of the one-click upsell technique you can use online. Ready to put the power of one-click upsells to work for your business?

Let's do this.

Here are my 5 favorite, foolproof one-click upsell ideas.

If you've never touched upsells, or have never been able to use them effectively, then what I'm about to tell you is going to change your business...and then your life. Don't worry about thinking them up yourself, because the market has already selected these winners.

1. More, More, More!

The most common upsell offer of all time. Offer your customers more of what they just bought , at a sweeter price.

Let's say you just bought a bottle of Fish Oil supplements for $10. How would you like to get 5 more bottles for just another $25 ?

That's one hell of an offer. And one that will be extremely enticing to any customer. They know they will need more soon, so why not hit the easy one click upsell button and pony up for a deal on them now.

This one offer increases average customer value by 150% — which is great. But what is even sweeter is that you get all the money upfront and you lock in a customer for the long term right away. Guess where they are going to go when they need Fish Oil? You guessed it. They're coming right back to you.

“More” offers work great for consumable products like food, supplements, and toilet paper or collectible items like blu-rays, gift cards, and toys. And using the one-click upsell technique makes it work even better.

2. Switching the Medium

Do you sell digital products? Want to bet that your customers might want a physical copy to keep on their desk? This one-click upsell idea involves offering customs the same item they just purchased in a different format.

For example, if you sell....

Books — One-click upsell the audio-book and digital version for your Kindle.

Tickets to Live Events — Use the one-click upsell technique to offer a recording so they can re-live the experience over and over again.

In-Person Consulting — Why not one-click upsell the audio or video of the session or a printed transcript.

This upsell technique is super congruent, easy to understand, and appeals to the natural way humans learn. When you digest something in multiple mediums, you get more out of it.

3. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Ever hear of “Speed and Automation”? Made famous by Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketing, the term refers to anything that helps your customers get their desired results faster and easier.

Selling a 90-day workout plan? One-click upsell a meal planning calendar so customers don't have to worry about what to eat while they get in shape.

Offering a social media traffic course? Use a one-click upsell to let them get an auto-posting app that helps customers get more attention with less manual work.

Providing a service to build out a new website for a client? Offer a “Done-For-You” email follow-up series as a one-click upsell so your client can have even more of their business built out for them — faster and easier.

4. Protect your Purchase

What's the first question you get asked when you buy a car?

“Would you like to get the extended warranty?”

From computers, insurance, and cell phones, to appliances, cars, and cameras, chances are your customers will be more than happy to take your one-click upsell to protect whatever they just bought.

Phones — Upsell a phone case that will prevent the screen from cracking.

Video Editing Software — Use a one-click upsell technique to offer lifetime updates so your customers won't have to pay full price when the tool is updated.

Kitchen Remodeling — Offer a one-click upsell for an extended warranty on all parts and service.

People want to protect their investment. And when you give them the option of letting them do it right after they purchase with a one-click upsell, plenty will take you up on it.

And if you think only old people purchase warranties, you better think again. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, 55% of consumers 18-33 years old (The Millennial Generation ) are likely to purchase protection.

In fact, seven in ten (69%) Millennials know whether or not they will purchase a protection plan prior to purchase and so are likely to purchase one with their device via a one-click upsell. In contrast, only 26% of Gen X'ers are likely to purchase a plan, while just 15% of Baby Boomers are likely to buy a warranty.

5. Ongoing Support

The last of my favorite one-click upsell technique ideas involves continuing help. Customers don't want to buy from you today, and then get left out in the cold tomorrow. People want to feel like someone is there to help if they need it.

Selling access to software? Offer Premium Support with a one-click upsell so your customers will know that they will get priority attention if they run into a problem.

Consulting for clients? One-click upsell “3 to 5 Emergency Phone Calls” so clients can get a hold of you immediately after the work is done.

Offering Facebook Ads Training? Let customers purchase access to a VIP Member's Group with a one-click upsell so customers can help each other work through tough problems together.

In addition to increasing your revenue and customer value, using support as a one-click upsell has the added benefit of giving you another opportunity to provide an extra measure of stellar customer service. Knowing that you will be there for them will make customers feel more comfortable about buying now — and feeling good about coming back to buy again later. The best part? They'll pay you for the privilege.

SamCart Makes it Easy to Put the Power of the One-Click Upsell to Work for Your Business

I can't emphasize it enough, one-click upsells are the single most powerful force in any business. If you want to scale your business into the 6, 7, or even 8 figure range, implementing them as soon as possible should be at the very top of your “To Do” list.Com

As you probably know, super-easy one-click upsells are kind of a SamCart thing. The feature comes standard with both our Pro and Premium plans and lets you set up as many one-click upsells as you want in minutes. No expensive developers or step learning curve required.

And when customers can buy more from you with one-click using the card you already have on file, they do. And let me tell you, they buy a LOT more. Or at leas that's been my experience.

The numbers are extremely clear. SamCart users who use one-click upsells typically increase their average customer value by a whopping +68.1%!

But hey, you don't have to take my word for it. Try using the one-click upsell technique with the products you sell in a 14- Day Free Trial of SamCart Pro or Premium today.

Common Questions

What is a one-click upsell and how does it work with SamCart?

A one-click upsell is a sales technique where you offer an additional product or service to your customers immediately after they have made a purchase. With SamCart, this process is seamless. Once a customer buys your initial offering, they can add more products to their purchase with just one click—no need to re-enter payment details. This not only simplifies the buying process but also significantly increases your average order value.

Can one-click upsells really help me reach a 7-figure business?

Yes, one-click upsells have the potential to substantially increase your revenue. By offering additional, relevant products to your customers at the point of purchase, you can improve the customer experience and your bottom line. Businesses using SamCart's one-click upsell feature often see a noticeable increase in their average order value, which compounds over time and can help scale your business to a 7-figure income.

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