How to Increase Your Average Order Value: 2 SamCart Features to 4X AOV

March 17, 2021

This post has been updated and includes a customer testimonial.

Increase Your Average Order Value

Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells are some of the most powerful features that make SamCart the eCommerce platform for creators. However, some folks wonder what the difference is between them. They’re somewhat similar. They both have the same goal, to get more sales, and increase your Average Order Value whether you’re selling physical products, digital products, services or online courses.  One main difference Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells is the order they're presented in.  Order Bumps come before the sale is made. One-Click Upsells show up after the sale is made.   You can use initials or other tricks to help remember where Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells show up in the checkout process.  Try BSU.BSU = Bump → SALE → Upsell  You can make up your own if that works better for you.  We’ll explore how Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells are different and how they can multiply your profits, and increase your Average Order Value.    

How To Quadruple Your Average Order Value

Let's start at the beginning. What is an Order Bump? What is a One-Click Upsell? How are they different?  Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells are both tools that help make it easy for your customers to buy more products, and increase your Average Order Value.  

order bump vs upsell

 Just like when you go to Amazon for one thing, but end up buying 5, Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells give your customers the opportunity to spend more each and every time they buy from you. This can change your entire business overnight, just like it did for our first brand, TrainBaseball.   Our best-selling product back then was a $50 digital course. However, since we added one Order Bump and a One-Click Upsell, each customer was worth an average of $187!  

Order Bumps and Upsells Are “Free Money”

The simple “2011 version” of these two powerful features quadrupled the size of our business. When we gave our customers the opportunity to spend more, our sales exploded. And it happens over and over again as businesses switch their eCommerce over to SamCart.   Christie “The Health Coaches’ Coach” Miller, added an upsell that brought in an extra $13,800 to her bottom line during a new product release. Learn more about how she's made over $1,000,000 with SamCart in the video below. Her sales were at $400,000 at the time of recording.  

Digital marketing maven and host of the Cody Builds a Business Podcast, Cody Burch, turned $3,000 into more than $9,000 just by adding a single Order Bump to his checkout flow with SamCart.

difference between upsell and downsell

 Patty’s very first Order Bump brought in an extra $1,000/month!  

Patty 1K Order Bump

 Credit educator, author and course creator, Maurice “Runway Billionaire” Bowman grew his sales by nearly 4X by adding Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells to an introductory product costing just $7.  

 Maurice is one of the most amazing SamCart Success Stories. He has sold well over $1,000,000 on SamCart.  

Nick Wolny is a Houston Business Journal “40 Under 40”, marketing author and consultant who’s contributed to major outlets like NBC, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Fast Company and many others.

 When Nick switched over to SamCart in early 2021 his Average Order Value more than doubled from $76 to $106 in the first month when he added Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells.  

 All of these Success Stories were made possible by giving customers the opportunity to spend more.   Christie Miller said it best, "That's as close as you can get to free money."  

The Power Of The “One-Click Upsell”

It's important to know that when we say “upsell” it’s always a One-Click Upsell whether we mention the “One-Click”or not.  Your customers can purchase another product, good, or service without pulling out their credit card to re-enter all their information.   Like Amazon, SamCart securely stores customer payment information and makes buying more stuff possible with just one click.  

Offer One Click Upsells and Downsells

 Other tools say they have upsells, but their "upsell" is just a whole new order form, where customers have to re-enter all their information over again. All that does is destroy your conversions. It costs you a ton of missed sales and doesn't increase your Average Order Value.   It’s like going to the store, waiting in line (i.e. a slow checkout process) buying something, then getting back in line to go through the process all over again. That can be irritating, and keep people from returning in the future.  If you make it easy for customers to buy more, they buy more. It doesn’t get any easier than one click!  How much easier and faster can you grow your business than with one click?  One-Click Upsells also work with PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay!

What is an Order Bump?

One of the main differences between an Order Bump and a One-Click Upsell is that an Order Bump is shown right before the person buys, but an upsell is shown right after someone buys.  Remember, BSU = Bump → SALE → Upsell  On SamCart, Order Bumps are displayed after someone enters their payment information, but right before placing their order. Each Order Bump has a checkbox so customers can easily add extra items to their order before buying.  

 Multiple  order bump

 Order Bumps are like the candy bars right by the grocery store's checkout line. So as you're waiting in line as the cashier is ringing up your groceries, you see a candy bar with your name on it. You grab it, and toss it onto the conveyor belt.   Order Bumps are impulse purchases. They work best when they’re cheap, and provide obvious benefits. You don't need to say much to sell a KitKat bar! You break off a piece, because it’s cheap and delicious.  That's what an Order Bump should be for your business. Anything you sell as an Order Bump shouldn’t be super expensive. It should be more of an impulse buy, so customers decide to buy it quickly.  

How to Price An Order Bump

When you look at an Order Bump, the first thing you notice is how short it is. You'll only have a moment to keep your buyer’s attention, so make sure your offer is a no-brainer. Make sure the price is right, and convince them to add it to their order.   So your Order Bump has to be a no-brainer for your customer. The right price makes all the difference.  

Sell multiple products with new Order Bump Collections

 If you're selling a $50 product, you should never have a $500 Order Bump. Instead, try an Order Bump in the $25 price range to maximize conversions.   However, just because Order Bumps are usually cheaper than main offers, don't think they aren't effective. SamCart’s database shows us that Order Bumps generally convert anywhere between 30-40%.   That means for every 10 customers you get, 3 or 4 of them are adding additional products before buying! This puts more money in your pocket without any additional traffic which gives you a better ROI (return on investment).  And to make things even better, you can have multiple Order Bumps, and create an Order Bump Collection.  

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What is a One-Click Upsell?

Of all the powerful features SamCart puts in your toolbox, the One-Click Upsell stands alone. It can change your business overnight.   A One-Click Upsell is an offer that's presented to your customer immediately after they place an order. Order Bumps are shown right before someone places their order, upsells are shown right  

 SamCart keeps your customer’s payment information securely on file. Right after someone places an order, you can take them to an upsell page where they can learn about an additional product or service, and buy with just one single click!   You can take customers through multiple upsells and downsells.   A downsell is merely a more affordable alternative you can offer if a customer decides to pass on an upsell. This process works for any type of product.  You don't have to be a marketing genius to see that cutting out the extra steps, like making your customer re-enter their information, will drastically increase the likelihood that your customer will buy what you put in front of them.  

How to Price A One-Click Upsell

Unlike Order Bumps, upsells give you a lot more real estate to actually make a pitch. You're not constrained to just 2-3 sentences like with an Order Bump.    

SamCart One Click Upsell Examples

 You have a full page to sell this new offer. So take the opportunity to present your new offer. Show the benefits, overcome objections, and add proof on your upsell page. Because the upside to strong One-Click Upsells is enormous.   Here’s why…  Upsells can be priced significantly higher than Order Bumps. In fact, SamCart’s best-performing upsells are usually priced 2-3x higher than their initial offers. This opportunity presents itself for two main reasons.  #1: You can give an in-depth sales pitch on an upsell page.#2: The customer is already in “buying mode”.  “Buying Mode” is still patent pending. But with a quick combination of upsells and downsells, it is easy to double (or even triple!) what your average customer is worth!  

The Big Opportunity

In terms of conversion numbers, generally, a good benchmark to shoot for is around 20%. So if 2 of 10 customers are also buying your upsell, then you’re doing something right!   And to see just how powerful this is, let’s look at this in real numbers…  If 100 customers buy your $50 product, congrats! You’ve made $5,000. Now add in a $25 Order Bump, that 30% of your customers buy. That adds an extra $750 in pure profit.   Then, toss in on a single upsell, priced at $100, that 20% of customers also buy. That's another $2,000 in revenue, without needing a single extra customer!  

upsell order bump

 With pretty average conversion numbers, you’ve just increased your sales by 55%! Imagine what that can do to your profits? Think of what that could mean for the ROI of your ad campaigns. Imagine how big your next sale could be with some of these small tweaks?   We hope this displays a clear picture of how powerful having both a One-Click Upsell, and an Order Bump can be for your business. When you add them to your main offer you can really open the floodgates to more sales and an increase in your Average Order Value.

Order Bumps and Upsells Made Easy

These two features are the reason we created SamCart in the first place. We knew that we needed a simple, non-techy way of giving our customers opportunities to buy more stuff. These are the features that are helping SamCart sellers dominate their markets, and scale their businesses.  Read: Step-by-Step Guide on how to Create Order BumpsRead: Step-by-Step Guide on how to create One-Click Upsells  If you want to quickly add Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells to your own checkout flow, then head over to today, and grab your free demo. Talk with a real member of our team seven days a week, and get your questions answered about how SamCart can help you.  

Get A Demo Of SamCart Today

 You’ll see all the powerful checkout features that multiply your sales, the beautiful pre-designed templates that help launch your products faster than ever, and the simple platform that makes running your business simple.   And if you're ready to add these two features to your eCommerce toolbox, head over to the SamCart Homepage, and get started for free! See why over 23,000 businesses trust their eCommerce to SamCart…having sold more than $2 billion of their own courses, ebooks, memberships, and more.  SamCart is the eCommerce platform for creators and the best place online to sell digital products.

Common Questions

How can I effectively use upsells to multiply my AOV with SamCart?

To effectively use upsells, identify complementary products or services that enhance the value of the primary item. With SamCart, you can set up one-click upsells that customers can add to their orders effortlessly, making it convenient for them to make additional purchases that benefit both of you.

Are there any best practices for choosing add-ons to maximize order value on SamCart?

Yes, for add-ons, select items that are related to the main product and offer clear benefits when used together. Price them competitively to encourage adding them to the purchase. SamCart’s seamless integration of add-ons at checkout makes it easy for customers to increase their spend without a second thought.

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