Why Billing Simplicity Is Important When Selling Online

July 15, 2022

Selling your products or services online is only as complicated as the interface you use. When choosing your e-commerce platform, a vital feature to look for is billing simplicity. SamCart is here with insight on how you can boost sales and ease your overhead with simple billing.

Seamlessly Manage Sales for Different Products and Pricing Structures

As an online seller, your offerings might include subscription services, memberships, online courses, digital products, physical products, coaching/consulting services, and more. There is truly no limit to what you can produce and sell online. However, complex billing processes can leave you manually juggling several different billing structures and pricing tiers at once. An e-commerce platform with refined billing software can help you set up and manage these different payment tiers with ease. Once your billing processes are in place, the software automatically processes and manages your payments—doing the heavy lifting for you.

Closing Sales Quickly

Complicated, glitchy, or extensive billing systems may cause customers to abandon their carts. Not only will customers give up due to time restraints and billing frustrations, but they also may use this extra check-out time to reconsider their purchases. After all, impulse buying accounts for almost 40% of all e-commerce sales, according to research by Invesp. Quick and easy billing processes can help increase your e-commerce profits.

Accepting a Variety of Payment Options

To buy your products or services, customers need to have a compatible and accessible payment option. One benefit of intelligent billing interfaces is their capacity to receive multiple payment options. This feature can widen your potential customer base and boost your revenue. For example, SamCart can help you accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, credit/debit card payments, Pay What You Want contributions, payment plans (in the form of limited subscriptions), and so much more! You can learn more in our guide to the most popular online payment methods.

Saving More Time for Your Business

How much time has your business wasted trying to navigate complex billing platforms? Or responding to emails from angry customers over billing troubles? Complicated billing processes can distract from the time you spend maintaining, growing, and improving your business. Whether you have a large online business with several employees or you’re running a one-person show, billing simplicity is essential. It will save you time, stress, and money while affording you more headspace to focus on running your company.

Keeping Up With Customers

Upgraded billing processes can often ripple outwards to simplify other areas of your online business. During the billing process, you can collect customer emails for automated order confirmations and marketing campaigns. Advanced interfaces may also help you automatically deliver digital products or Auto-Enroll™ customers into their course subscriptions once the payment is processed. These features improve the buying experience while easing the groundwork you must do to keep up with your customers.

Helping Online Creators Thrive

It is easy for new businesses to become overwhelmed navigating the world of online sales. You might feel like you have to become a web designer and accounting expert overnight. Complicated billing platforms can discourage new businesses and push creators out of the online marketplace. Partnering with a platform that features simple billing can help you get your shop set up and running in no time. SamCart provides resources to help you along the way, including our blog, Knowledge Base, and free training. For even more insight, CreatorU offers a comprehensive library of content from industry mentors tailored to creators ready to own the online marketplace.

SamCart: The E-Commerce Platform for Creators

SamCart works to make every step of the online sales process simple: from creating your sales page to collecting your payments (and everything in-between). If you are looking for an online e-commerce platform with seamless billing for you and your customers, you can try SamCart for free today.

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