How to Start Your Online Coaching Business

June 14, 2022
Table of Contents
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Now more than ever, it is easy to grow your coaching or consulting business online. According to the US Census Bureau, e-commerce sales increased 43% during the first year of the pandemic, resulting in an 815.4 billion dollar market. Even as the pandemic restrictions slow, e-commerce sales are continuing to climb.  While coaching is traditionally an in-person service, professionals are using the e-commerce boom to redesign the coaching industry’s landscape and tap into online sales. So how can you start your online coaching business? The experts at SamCart are here with a guide to building your business in 5 simple steps.  

Step 1: Choose Your Business Model

start online coaching business

What kind of coaching services do you want to offer? How do you want to deliver your coaching materials? Answering these questions will help you formulate your business model. You can structure your online coaching business in several ways:

  • 1-1 Support: You can sell your services hourly by offering 1-1 support, video chats, or any number of dedicated hours to a client’s needs. This has the advantage of charging hourly but can require more scheduling work on your end.
  • Online courses: You can choose to deliver your services in an online course format—offering online videos, downloads, and other course materials straight from your SamCart page.
  • Subscriptions: You can count on reliable, recurring revenue with a subscription-based coaching business.
  • Tiered services: If you plan to include a mix of potential offerings, you can base your pricing on the level of service a client needs.

Step 2: Decide on Payment and Billing Methods

You might be wondering, “How much should I charge for online coaching?”  Pricing your services can be tricky. Underpricing your services will leave potential revenue on the table, while overpricing your services may lead to fewer sales. Here are some considerations for developing your pricing strategy:

  • Shop around in your industry: Visit the websites of popular coaches or consultants in your industry to get an idea of the price range they offer for services similar to your own.
  • Consider your experience: Clients are not just paying for your time, they are also paying for your years of education and experience. Don’t be afraid to let your prices reflect your value!
  • Reel them in: Some coaches and consultants offer a free trial or a promotional price for new customers to get them hooked on your services.

While we cannot tell you what to charge your clients, we can offer the online capabilities to create the payment structure you prefer. Are you interested in subscription-based payments? Perhaps you want to include a free trial? Maybe you are considering tiered pricing with different levels of service? SamCart can help by supporting a variety of unique payment options outlined here. We also help your business grow by accepting all major credit cards and digital wallets.  

Step 3: Build Your Sales Page

A single sales page is all you need to start selling your coaching or consulting services online. With the right tools on your side, a polished sales page takes just minutes to build. Simply choose your template from our library of designs proven to promote sales, then use the drag and drop page builder to make it your own by adding images, videos, text, and other media. It’s that easy!

Step 4: Start Selling Your Coaching or Consulting Services

Now you’re ready to start selling! To kickstart your sales, consider sharing your new business with your online social media following and any potential clients you may have in mind. If you need help getting started, here are some resources we’ve put together:

  • CreatorU: For help learning the ins and out of e-commerce, CreatorU has classes from industry-leading mentors earning 6+ figures in online sales. Our platform can teach you everything from upselling your products to launching a successful podcast, using Facebook Ads, and growing your social media channels.
  • Knowledge Base: SamCart’s knowledge base has a library of articles from our professionals to help you use SamCart features and answer all the questions you may have.
  • Free Training: We also offer a free training program to help you learn the basics and launch your online coaching business.

Building Your Business with SamCart

SamCart offers support for coaches and consultants ready to build their businesses. Our platform supports sales for:

  • Career coaches
  • Legal consultants
  • Leadership coaches
  • IT consultants
  • Business coaches
  • Financial consultants
  • Relationship coaches
  • Marketing consultants
  • Health coaches
  • Design consultants

…and so many others! Our platform offers the tools you need to grow your coaching or consulting business online. SamCart also offers support for product sales, letting you upsell with digital products, physical products, and online courses. Whether you are a fitness coach with a line of workout equipment or a relationship coach with an ebook to sell, you can multiply your revenue by upselling with SamCart.  

SamCart: Your Online Coaching and Consulting Platform

When you are ready to start your online consulting or coaching business, the professionals at SamCart are here for you. Get started today with a free trial!