7 Creator Tools to Consider in 2022 To Build Your Business

March 14, 2022
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Content creators bring millions (if not billions) of dollars to social media and streaming platforms—and many creators are ready for their fair share. By using your brand to build a business, you can monetize your work as a content creator or social media influencer. SamCart is here with 10 in-house creator tools you can use to build your business.

App for Building, Selling, and Maintaining Online Courses

Many creators find it easy to make a living selling online courses. SamCart’s online course app serves as an e-commerce platform for creators. You can build, sell, deliver, and manage your course on a single platform. Best of all, this feature is included for free with every level of SamCart membership.

Sales Page Builder

Where do you start when building your new business? Many creators believe they need a full-fledged website before they can launch sales. However, this can take months to complete (as well as some hefty upfront costs). Thankfully, you can get started right away by beginning with a sales page that showcases your products and services. SamCart’s page builder and templates let you create a unique, eye-catching sales page where you can market your offerings with ease. To get started, simply drag and drop your product images and information into your preferred template—it is just that easy. Best of all, you can seamlessly create unlimited pages for each of your courses, digital products, and sales items to maximize revenue with each of your customers.

Unlimited Product Listings

Some platforms will charge you fees per listing and for each sale. As you build your brand and sell your products, these small fees can add up quickly. Instead, our platform lets you create unlimited listings with ease—without any added fees.

Ready-to-Use Template Library

Thankfully, launching your product page does not require a full-scale web development team. Our ready-to-use template library has attractive templates designed by web professionals and built to convert. Customization options and our vast library of templates mean that no two sites will look the same.

eCommerce Tracking

As you build your brand (and your business) it is helpful to know where that revenue comes from. Otherwise, you are taking shots in the dark towards your success. eCommerce tracking can trace your sales back to Google, Facebook, or any other source.

Automated Digital Product Delivery

Many content creators begin by selling digital products. Digital products can include PDF files, digital prints, ebooks, and more. Manually sending digital orders can be overwhelming and time-consuming for content creators—especially those working on their own as they begin building their business. You can save 5-10 hours per week with our automated digital product delivery tool. This feature works to streamline the process of sending your customers the digital products they have ordered online.

Flexible Payment Processing Tools

The more payment methods your new business accepts, the more customers you will find yourself compatible with. Content creators cannot be limited to certain credit, debit, or e-pay platforms. SamCart supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and credit/debit payment options, which can increase your conversions by up to 24%. Best of all, we charge a 0% processing fee.

SamCart: Your Source of Creator Tools to Build Online Businesses

The SamCart platform is designed to help creators build and grow their online businesses. Our e-commerce platform has the tools creators need to thrive. Rather than taking a piece of your profits, we offer affordable, upfront monthly or annual membership pricing. You can try SamCart for free to get started today!

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