27 Digital Product Ideas That 10X Your Business in 2022

January 19, 2022
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27 Digital Product Ideas That 10X Your Business in 2022

Selling online is huge, and it’s only getting bigger. It’s inevitable. Everyone is taking their business online, working remotely and reaching new customers around the world from their living rooms. Many people want to get in the game but are unsure of how to do so. We get a lot of questions from people trying to create online businesses. One question we often get is, “What can I start selling?” The short answer is…you. What do we mean by that? Think about the things you’re good at, things you’re passionate about or might know more about than the average person out there…that’s you. And there are so many different ways to present yourself to the world. So, in order to get the ball rolling we’ve put together a list of 27 digital product ideas that members of the SamCart community are using to crush it online. We hope it helps.

1. Online Courses

This is the obvious one. Online education is here to stay, and SamCart is a great tool to get started with. Some of the best and brightest course creators in the world use SamCart as an all-in-one solution to create, host, and deliver their online courses. We’ve got a whole playlist here on how you can monetize your knowledge with an online course on SamCart as part of your product stack, and get recurring revenue just like Caitlin Bacher who made $1,000,000 with one course on SamCart. Watch: SamCart Courses playlist

2. Licensing Photos and Video

You’ve got a hard drive full of great photos from your trip across Europe, or maybe you have a drone you like to fly around town, and you’ve got some great footage just sitting there collecting digital dust. Make good use of that footage by offering it as a digital download for others to use in their content. You can offer higher resolution images and video for higher prices.

3. eBooks

An ebook is a great way to create a form of passive income, because it only has to be written once, and you can sell it over and over again. If you’re not into writing but feel like you have a lot to say, you could use voice typing in Google Docs or your phone's notes app, and arrange it all later, or have someone do it for you.

4. Audiobooks

An audiobook is an easy way of doubling your product offerings which gives you more opportunities to sell more. Offer your audiobook as an Order Bump or One-Click Upsell when people buy your eBook. If customers don’t choose the Order Bumps or 1-Click Upsell, you can always give them the option to buy your audiobook by making an offer in the receipt email they got for buying your eBook. You could record the audio with just your phone and a quiet space, or level up with an affordable usb microphone and a portable vocal booth for under $100. You could also hire someone to record your voice for you, or just outsource it all together, so you don’t have to say a single word.

5. How-to Guides

It seems like every day there's something new to learn. With lots of help from the Internet, the amount of information out there is doubling about every 12 hours, and that makes it easy to become overwhelmed under that mountain of information. How-to guides help you cut to the chase, and save people time by letting them get what they need immediately without having to search for it. They buy your guide; learn what they need, and move on with their lives.

6. Workbooks

You might be thinking eBook, how-to guide, workbook...those all seem pretty similar. Obviously, an eBook can be about anything, and a how-to guide can be a quick way to present information, but a workbook typically consists of a fillable PDF or one that can be printed out for the user to write on. A lot of times workbooks accompany other products. Like in school, sometimes you might have a textbook with an accompanying workbook that students write in, and delve deeper into the subject. We have our own workbook for new course creators. It’s part of our Course Creation Challenge, where we guide you to get up and running in 14 days. We’ve put together this awesome workbook so you can follow along with our video tutorials.

7. Presentation Templates

Whether online or in person, everybody wants to look professional when presenting, but they also want to stand out from those generic PowerPoint slides that either have way too much or way too little going on. People have really short attention spans, so it’s really… Hey, you still there? It’s really important that your presentations keep people’s attention. Use your creativity to help someone with a presentation that could use a breath of fresh air. So the next time they're presenting online, they won't have to dread saying those 5 words... Let me share my screen.

8. Memberships

Membership sites generate monthly recurring revenue. They help build community, and give you an opportunity to market other products, services and courses to an audience that already supports you. Memberships also help create loyalty, because members know they’re getting exclusive access to your expertise that the average person online doesn’t have. Read: Why You Need a Cohort Course

9. Branding Kits

Ever notice how some YouTube channels or Instagram profiles all have photo and video uploads that all have a similar aesthetic? Maybe they always have the same fonts, colors, or borders. They’re always “on brand”. Those visual elements make up part of their brand kit. You can sell Instagram and Youtube templates, color palettes and other things to help others with their brand identity. That’s why we put so much into our customizable sales templates. We want you to be able to brand yourself in a way that best represents you without the hassle, so you can make sales easily.

Sales Page Parts

Watch: Designing Your SamCart Page playlistRead: How to Create a Winning Sales Page

10. Social Media Packages

A great way to build off of selling branding kits is to offer social media packages, especially if you’re a writer. Writing is a highly-valued skill, but many people simply don’t have the time, or just don’t enjoy doing it. So if you fancy yourself a writer, you can offer packages that include blog posts and social media posts. You can have tiered packages where you control the number of posts you want to offer. You can also get fancy and add things like competitive analysis, monthly reports and account management, so your clients can be hands-off. So now you have an opportunity to get the trifecta, multiple Order Bumps, One-Click Upsells and recurring revenue if your customers want your services every month.

11. Strategy Templates for Businesses

Many people looking to get their businesses off the ground have great ideas but need help bringing them to market. They need help when it comes to planning their marketing strategy or coming up with a business plan. A good idea with a bad marketing plan or a bad business plan is like a really nice car with no engine (or no motor if it’s electric). It won’t go anywhere. Selling business and marketing templates can be really lucrative, and it's a great way to add our next product as an Order Bump or One-Click Upsell.

12. Coaching Calls

There’s nothing like quality facetime (or just audio if you prefer) with customers who know you have their best interests at heart. You can offer different call packages with weekly or monthly calls where you determine how long those calls will be. Maurice Bowman is one of SamCart’s greatest Success Stories. He added a consultation call for $197 as an Order Bump, and it led to $60,000 in sales in less than a week. Check it out.

Maurice Bowman Order Bumps

Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells are the easiest ways to increase your Average Order Value (AOV).

13. Artwork

Who doesn’t love art? Art can come at you in so many ways, but with digital art there’s no limit to what you can create. And just like eBooks, a great piece of art only needs to be made once, and you can sell it as much as you want. Another thing that gives art an advantage is that it can be applied to so many things. Let’s say you’ve got this awesome painting. You can sell that as a digital download that people can use as wallpapers for computers and mobile devices or digital picture frames. You can even sell your work as an NFT. And of course you can use that same piece of art on physical products like clothes, notebooks, posters, accessories and more.

14. Copywriting Services

We mentioned earlier that writing in and of itself is a highly-valued skill, but copywriting is where a lot of the heavy hitters are. Copywriters write to persuade and often work in marketing and advertising. Businesses need good copywriters and will often hire freelancers if they don’t have someone on staff already. You can offer all sorts of packages, and open up yourself to recurring revenue if you deliver consistently. As a copywriter, you can get your business going...by getting other businesses going. Marketing author and consultant, Nick Wolny, who’s contributed to major outlets like NBC, Business Insider and Fast Company uses SamCart to do just that. Read: SamCart Stories: How Nick Wolny Doubled AOV with a Simple Switch

15. Online Tutoring

With the rise of online education, comes a massive rise in online education support. AKA tutoring. You can come to SamCart, spin up a quick page where people can buy an hour of your time, and start putting that random love of physics, calculus, organic chemistry to work. Every day, we see new SamCart marketplaces offering SAT prep, help with the bar exams in different states, and even private reading for younger students. It’s an incredible opportunity, and a very easy sell.

16. Drum Kits and Sample Packs

Maybe you’re able to recreate those drums from that new Kanye West song, and create other collections of sounds to help producers make hot records. Drum kits and sample packs are the secret sauce for a lot of music makers out there. They’re a bolt of creative lightning that get the juices going in the studio.

17. Explainer Videos

Many people are visual learners, and don’t forget about the attention span thing from before. There’s huge competition for eyeballs every second online, and video is the clear winner when it comes to the type of content that gets the most views. Lots of people use explainer videos to get a clear message across in a memorable way. You can customize videos with voiceover, sound effects and music to give them a unique flair. There’s plenty of explainer video software programs that are easy to use, and many have free versions you can try to see which ones work for you.

18. Resume Services

Now more than ever people are realizing they want a new path professionally. Some want to start their own businesses or are just looking for a new company with a fresh culture to be a part of. People are always looking for work, and a resume is often the first representation people get of you. A bad resume is a good candidate’s worst enemy. People often don’t get a fresh set of eyes to critique their resume. That can be the difference between getting the job or having a resume thrown in the trash. To help these people you can also have Linkedin profile reviews and profile writing services as Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells.

19. Industry Reports

Industry reports are big business, because good research is like gold. Providing great research, like what the trends are taking place in your industry, can save people a lot of time, since you’ve done all the work. The information that your business provides covering an industry can make the lives of other entrepreneurs and students much smoother. You can offer large-scale reports, and also break them down into smaller reports that cover smaller niches, and add those as Order Bumps or One-Click Upsells. Here's another opportunity to get recurring revenue if you're constantly adding new information.

20. Activities and Games

Let’s face it, with all the time many folks have spent working from home while their kids were going to school online in the next room it’s easy to run out of fun ways to stay entertained. You can sell everything from printable or digital coloring pages to templates for games and activities to keep your household or classroom busy. You can even throw in some explainer videos to show your activities and games in action.

21. Newsletters

Keep your loyal supporters up to date with what your business is up to. Newsletters can help you connect with more people; create community, and generate more leads. You can offer early access and discounts for your other offers to your newsletter readers. Continually educate your subscribers in a way that brings in recurring revenue with low risk.

22. Website Themes

How to Create a Winning Sales Page

Website platforms come with a lot of themes that are just OK design-wise, so it’s really easy to underwhelm, and blend in with all the other websites Some website platforms allow third-party themes, and that’s where you come in. Having the right theme is really important, because it’s the first thing people see when they go on a site. What’s on the market isn't always what someone is looking for, so creating something that helps them standout is important.

23. Website Plugins

Plugins are a great add on to your website theme offers, since they increase the capabilities of the site using them. There’s a plugin for just about everything out there. Increase a site’s security, analytics, creating contact forms, creating multi-language websites, hosting a live chat feature and much, much more.

24. Graphic Design

A good graphic designer is crucial when it comes to business, because they create the visual aesthetic that people interact with throughout the customer journey. Graphic design goes beyond creating branding kits. People want logos, images for their blogs and their merch. Instead of just one template for Instagram posts, they might want each post to be different, and have a new design. And when it comes to video, believe it or not, the thumbnail is just as important as what's in the video, because it’s the thumbnail that gets people to watch the video in the first place. Graphic designers who can nail down thumbnails and other visual elements like logos and color theory can be a really great partner to online businesses.

25. Software

API waiter

Everything you interact with online is software. There's so much upside to selling software online. It's an area where you can be really creative, solve a lot of people's problems, and make their lives easier. Creating software can have low overhead cost with the main cost being your time, and the profit margins can be phenomenal. You can even offer monthly subscriptions. You can offer free trials at first, so customers can see how beneficial your software is to their business.

26. Content

Content is king. Maybe you're someone who has a large following online, and people find you entertaining. You have content that you put out there to create a following, but that other project you’ve been working on behind the scenes is ready, and you want to share it with your biggest supporters. Maybe you’ve got longer, uninterrupted, commercial free videos that you want to sell, or give access to with SamCart, or you have a subscription-only podcast and a private Discord server where you and your fans hang out. Create community, and keep folks entertained.

27. Photo and Video Presets and LUTs

Have you ever noticed how some photos and videos online have a look that separates them from the rest? They’ve got a certain pop that just keeps your eyes glued to the screen? A lot of that has to do with presets and LUTs AKA Look Up Tables. LUTS give footage a predesigned look that can be adjusted to one’s liking. They can speed up the creative workflow, and give everyone from seasoned filmmakers to Tik Tokers or anyone else using video, a creative edge. There you have it, 27 digital product ideas to 10X your business in 2022 and hopefully beyond.

One Great Idea for Online Businesses

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