How Caitlin Bacher turned 1 Course into $1,000,000

August 26, 2021

Meet the Course Creator’s Course Creator

Caitlin Bacher has a history of doing too much. *Entrepreneurs nod in agreement. She has always been a hustler, launching course after course trying to grow her business. Grind mode was activated 24/7 until five tear-soaked words brought that train to a screeching halt. “You forgot all about me.” These were the words her daughter told her after Caitlin forgot that her daughter was being released early from school one day. Caitlin had been so caught up writing a ton of copy for her next launch that it slipped her mind. She realized she needed to make a change, because a seven-figure business can’t afford eight-figure pain. “When I first started out I literally thought that the secret to success was going to be to do as much as possible. Sell as many courses as humanly possible. Use as many different sales tactics as humanly possible.” Caitlin did have a six-figure course business before joining SamCart in 2016. However, she felt she hit a ceiling even though she was working nonstop. “I was doing so much. I was so busy, but my revenue was stuck. I was at about $200,000.” It was all piling up: creating course after course, launch after launch, creating new funnels managing Facebook groups, etc. "I was so frustrated, because I was working so hard.” She promised herself that in 2017 she would cross the million-dollar mark. Unfortunately, she had no idea how she was going to do it.

Make Micro Investments, Get Macro Results

She admitted that joining SamCart was scary. She’s always been a do-it-yourself person who would find a way to get as much done with as little as possible. Having to pay for SamCart was not attractive to her yet. “Using a freemium of this software and a freemium of this and that and just trying to piece everything together, it was keeping me stuck.”

She asked herself if her future million-dollar-earning self would have minded making a “micro investment” in SamCart considering all her success. That made her decision much easier. “There are so many different micro investments that we need to make inside of our business in order to get to those next levels.” It can be really easy to get caught up in the present moment, especially once you reach success. “You really have to think about not just what’s happening now, but what is the business that you want to grow into.”

Be Specific be be Specific

Caitlin was selling courses teaching businesses how to grow on different social media platforms. However, the conversation and engagement from students and members of her massive community on Facebook always centered around growth on Instagram. “That was great for me because at the time, I used Instagram as a major source of traffic." She decided to narrow her focus to a small niche of businesses that wanted to grow specifically on Instagram, because it would be easier to scale. “I quickly learned that even while I had a defined niche of targeting handmade business owners, social media itself was just way too broad.” She realized trying to please everyone was not the way to go anymore. Changing her old thought process made it possible for her to reach that goal she set in 2016. “In 2017 I was able to go from $200,000 in 2016 to my first million-dollar year in 2017, and that was just from selling one course with one webinar to one audience.”

Do One Thing Really, Really Well

It’s really easy to have a million ideas in your head, and feel like you need to execute on all of them. This can be counterproductive, because it can lead to a lot of half-finished ideas. So it’s important to not fall in love with every idea. “What I learned over time was that I could really increase the power of my results if I was able to really go all in with one program, one audience, one selling mechanism, one traffic channel for one year.” Helping others has helped Caitlin help herself...and her family. “Selling online courses for me has completely changed my life. I always had really big dreams for my family, and for many years all of those dreams were directly tied to my husband's income.” Her business has given her a bigger sense of purpose outside of just making money. “It’s really to serve other course creators. Teach them how to scale their business so that they can have the impact that they really crave on their own communities, and it’s so satisfying to see that direct correlation to our own company's revenue growth and to the impact that we have.” You can connect with Caitlin on It’s a great resource for entrepreneurs. Check out her Scale with Success Podcast for course creators as well. Tell her we sent you.

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