Sean Fargo Boosts boosts revenue 82% by switching from ThriveCart to SamCart

June 4, 2024

Sean Fargo and his company Mindfulness Exercises See 82% Revenue Boost with SamCart's Checkout Anywhere Tools

As the owner of, Sean Fargo is passionate about helping people find peace and balance through guided meditation. 

But he found that his previous checkout solution, ThriveCart, was holding him back from reaching his full potential. 

Seeking a more robust and user-friendly platform, Sean turned to SamCart's Done-For-You Services to set up a split test between his existing ThriveCart page and a new SamCart landing page.

The results were fantastic.

Sean said, "It was a game-changer for my business.”

By testing SamCart's innovative Slide Checkout on a sales page for one of his bestselling products, Guided Meditation Scripts, Sean discovered that SamCart outperformed ThriveCart in every aspect.

Seamless Checkout Experience Boosts Conversions

SamCart's checkout not only out converted ThriveCart by an impressive 21%, but it also encouraged customers to spend 51% more with each order. 

This translated to an extraordinary 82% increase in total sales. 

Sean attributed this success to SamCart's user-friendly features, such as stored credit cards through Stripe Link, which made it effortless for visitors to complete their purchases. 

In fact, 42% of Sean's first 100 orders on SamCart came from customers using a stored credit card.

"I love the option to add multiple order bumps, which isn't something ThriveCart allowed us to do," Sean noted. 

This powerful feature played a significant role in increasing his average order value by 51% compared to ThriveCart.

Flexible Payment Options for High-Ticket Items

Mindfulness Exercises offers several products priced well over $1,000, and SamCart's Buy Now, Pay Later options have made it easier for Sean to sell these high-ticket items. 

Approximately 20% of Sean's customers opted for a payment plan through Affirm, Klarna, or Afterpay, making the investment more manageable for them. 

Meanwhile, Sean receives the full payment upfront, eliminating the risk of financing the payments himself.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Beyond the impressive numbers, Sean highlighted an often-overlooked aspect of his experience with SamCart: the exceptional customer support. 

"We received a lot of really helpful support from your team as we went through this process. And that's something that we were kind of missing with ThriveCart," he said.

Making the Switch to SamCart

When the split test was finished, the results spoke for themselves. 

Sean's revenue had increased by 82% on SamCart, making the decision to cancel his ThriveCart subscription and embrace SamCart an easy one.

Sean is now in the process of migrating all of his products to SamCart.

He's excited to explore more of the platform's features.

He said, "I'm really excited about the affiliate center that you guys have, which is a breath of fresh air. I'm looking forward to dialing in our upsells and continuing to increase that average order value."

Sean’s story is a testament to the power of SamCart's Checkout Anywhere tools. 

By providing a seamless, user-friendly experience and unmatched customer support, SamCart has empowered Sean to scale his business and help even more people discover the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

Ready to experience the SamCart difference for yourself? 

Sign up for a free trial today and discover how our innovative features and dedicated support team can help you level up your online business.