How Jackson Mumey Used SamCart to Generate $3.8 Million in his Bar Exam Prep Business

June 19, 2024

Meet Jackson Mumey—the passionate president of Celebration Bar Review. 

His mission? 

To provide support and guidance to underserved law students and non-traditional bar takers who have been left behind by the legal world.

Jackson knew that he needed a powerful tool to streamline his online business so that he could put all his focus on helping these aspiring attorneys achieve their dreams. 

Before SamCart, Jackson found himself bogged down by the complexities of explaining and selling his various products and services. 

But as he puts it, "What SamCart has done is let us free up our time and energy to be able to do that work and not have to worry about how we explain and sell the different products that we offer."

With this newfound freedom, Jackson has been able to pour his heart and soul into serving his community, helping thousands of attorneys pass the bar exam over the past 30 years.

From Uncertainty to Clarity

When Jackson first started using SamCart, he was unsure of what his business truly was. 

But as he explored the platform's features and reporting capabilities, a clear picture began to emerge.

Today, Celebration Bar Review works with hundreds of students each year, and in the past 5 years alone, they have processed a staggering $3.8 million through SamCart. 

This multi-million dollar business is a testament to the power of clarity and focus that SamCart provides.

SamCart Templates Generate More Sales 

One of the key features that has helped Jackson generate sales is SamCart's intuitive sales page and order form templates. 

By using these templates on his website, he is able to provide potential customers with all the information they need to make an informed buying decision.

The templates allow Jackson to quickly create high-quality and high-converting web pages for his offerings, and the seamless design and clear calls-to-action make it easy for students to enroll in Celebration Bar Review's courses, without any unnecessary friction or confusion.

"Auto-Magic" Checkout Anywhere Feature

Jackson is also a big fan of SamCart's Checkout Anywhere functionality. 

"The cool part to me is that we've now got the purchase anywhere program," he said.

"So we can take that SamCart page and put it in an email or put it as we did here on our webpage, and it's seamless."

In the past, customers would have to navigate to a separate site with a different URL, leading to frustration and abandoned carts. 

But with Checkout Anywhere, the entire process is streamlined and effortless. He can embed his checkout form anywhere on his website and collect sales.

Plus, Jackson can easily edit these checkout experiences within SamCart, and the changes are instantly reflected on his website. 

It's what he calls "auto-magic."

Buy Now, Pay Later Has Generated Jackson an EXTRA $30,000

Another feature that has had an impact on Celebration Bar Review's sales is the Buy Now, Pay Later option. 

"The Buy Now, Pay Later programs have been absolutely incredible for us," Jackson shares.

By offering customers the ability to use Klarna, Afterpay, or Affirm at checkout, Jackson has made his courses more accessible to a wider range of students. 

And with Jackson getting paid upfront, it's a win-win situation.

In just a short period of time, Celebration Bar Review has collected $30,000 through Buy Now, Pay Later, and that number continues to grow.

Boosting Revenue with One-Click Upsells and Order Bumps

SamCart's one-click upsells and order bumps have been instrumental in boosting Celebration Bar Review's revenue. 

By offering personal coaching sessions and other valuable add-ons, Jackson has been able to generate an additional $31,000 in sales, what he calls “found money.”

The seamless integration of these features makes it effortless for customers to enhance their learning experience, while also increasing the average order value for the business.

The Subscription Saver Has Rescued nearly $80,000 in Potentially Lost Revenue 

Like many businesses, Celebration Bar Review has faced the challenge of missed payments and unintentional cancellations. 

But with SamCart's Subscription Saver feature, Jackson has been able to recover nearly $80,000 in potentially lost revenue.

As a teacher at heart, Jackson wants to focus on educating and supporting his students, not chasing down payments. 

SamCart's automated recovery process handles this automatically by sending emails to his customers to remind them to update their credit cards and make payments, ensuring that Jackson can continue to serve his community without interruption.

"It's Silly How Simple It Is"

For Jackson, one of the most impressive aspects of SamCart is its simplicity. 

"It's silly how simple it is," he remarks, referring to the platform's intuitive interface and seamless integration with other tools.

This simplicity allows Jackson and his team to focus on their true passion which is helping students achieve their dreams of becoming attorneys.

A Partnership for Growth and Innovation

When asked what sets SamCart apart from other platforms, Jackson points to the company's commitment to innovation and partnership. 

He said, "I've always felt like SamCart was not only with me, but ahead of me. I was running to keep up with all the things they offer that I could use. And that's really unusual. Typically, you buy a piece of software, and you outgrow it and say, 'it's not working for me anymore.' It's been the opposite of that."

With SamCart consistently rolling out new features and enhancements, Jackson feels confident that he has a partner that will grow with him, now and in the future.

By leveraging SamCart's innovative features, such as Checkout Anywhere, Buy Now Pay Later, one-click upsells, and Subscription Saver, Jackson has been able to scale his impact and help thousands of underserved law students achieve their dreams.

With over $3.8 million processed and countless lives changed, Celebration Bar Review stands as an example of what's possible when passion, dedication, and cutting-edge technology combine.

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