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June 21, 2022
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Creators can do more now than ever to take control and monetize their work. While SamCart has the ideal selling platform for digital products, physical products, and online courses, some creators may need help getting started or building their company to new heights. So how do you turn your million-dollar ideas into a profitable business? CreatorU is the solution you are looking for. This learning platform is stocked with videos from mentors who know the world of e-commerce in and out—and have the net worth to prove it. Here is a look at some of the business mentorship topics you can find in CreatorU:

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is vital to increase sales and spread brand awareness. While creators are often well-versed in producing social media content, they may be less familiar with social media advertising tools like Facebook Ads. Making the most of these marketing tools and platforms can set you apart from other businesses in your sector, and creator classes like the Facebook Ads Academy can help. In this course, a seasoned mentor in social media marketing will break down everything you need to know about advertising on Facebook and making the most of your ad spending.

Digital Marketing Insights

The easier it is to find your sales pages on the internet, the more customers you will reach. It is just that simple. There are two ways to help rank your site at the top of Google search results:

  • Paid Search (PPC): Pay Per Click advertising can help you instantly shoot to the top of search results in the form of a paid advertisement. As the name suggests, you only pay for the clicks you get on your ad. However, these ads can be costly (running up to $50+ per click) and challenging to manage on your own. Many creators outsource to a PPC advertising firm once they have the extra budget.
  • Organic Search: Also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this is the process of refining your website so that it will naturally grow to the top of search results. Unlike paid search, organic search is free and easy to optimize on your own—with the right mentorship on your side. In Organic Traffic With Kimberly Jimenez, you can learn the ropes of SEO and start helping customers find your business.

Selling Tips and Tricks

Creating and running your business is easy with the help of SamCart—but actively trying to sell your products can be a whole second job. Thankfully, you do not need sales training when you have the right selling tips, tricks, and insights. For example, upselling can boost your profits by 70% at the click of a button. So how do you upsell? Mentors answer all of your sales questions in courses like The Ultimate Upsell Script and Sales Copy Bootcamp with Joanna Bain. Once you put these foundational selling techniques to work, you can sit back and watch your profits skyrocket.

Launching Support

With SamCart, launching is quick and easy—whether you are launching a new business, product, website, or sales technique. However, you may still feel like you need a boost getting started. CreatorU has an entire portfolio of mentor classes dedicated to helping you launch:

  • Jump from setting up to your first sale with 4 Steps to Launch.
  • The "Zero To Selling" Training Webinar can help you build your new business from the ground up.
  • The 1-Hour Business walks you through several business models you can launch in just an hour—as well as how to put your new business to the test.

CreatorU by SamCart

SamCart is here to help you find mentorship along your creator journey. We built CreatorU for small businesses, creators, and influencers looking for mentorship in the world of e-commerce. You can find all of the guidance you are looking for here at CreatorU.