Sell Digital Products Online with SamCart

May 24, 2022
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Digital products are sweeping the online marketplace. So what are digital products, and how can you get your online sales started? The experts at SamCart are here with insight.

What are Digital Products?

Digital products are items you can buy or sell online that exist in a virtual format. While not all items have a digital product equivalent, many do—and they are becoming increasingly common in online sales. Some popular examples of digital products include:

In some cases, customers can then translate these digital items into physical goods. For example, buyers can have PDF art copies processed at a local print center.

Benefits of Selling Digital Products

Why sell digital products? Especially for online sellers and content creators, digital product sales tend to be an easy, affordable, and eco-friendly alternative to physical product sales. Benefits of selling digital products include:

  • No shipping fees: Shipping costs can burden small businesses or lead to abandoned carts when thrown to the customer. You can forgo the rising cost of domestic and international shipping when selling digital products.
  • Skip shipping hassles: Online sellers also often need to worry about buying packaging, keeping up with distribution, and waiting in long lines at the post office. Instead, digital product sales deliver your items directly to a customer's inbox.
  • Lower environmental impact: You can run an eco-friendly shop as you share your work. Digital products cut the emissions of delivery and the waste of packaging.
  • Production ease: Inventory shortages and surpluses are things of the past. A digital product exists as a single online file that you share on-demand with an unlimited number of customers.
  • Happy customers: Not only are digital products easy and more affordable for you, but they also extend these benefits to your customers. Positive transactions can lead to an elevated buyer experience that will have your customers coming back for more or recommending your work to friends and family.
  • Wider audience reach: Online retailers may have a hard time shipping to distant regions. Similarly, in-person courses rely on proximity. Meanwhile, digital products can seamlessly extend your prospective customer base to a global audience.

How Do I Sell Digital Products Online?

SamCart makes selling digital products easy. In fact, you can get started in 4 simple steps:

  • Pick Your Design: Choose your preferred template from our vast library of ready-to-use designs.
  • Drag and Drop: Upload your product information, images, and branding using our drag-and-drop page loader. A single sales page is all you need to get started. Our course app also has everything you need to start selling your online classes.
  • Go Wild: Create unlimited pages for an unlimited number of digital products, virtual services, and online courses.
  • Watch as your sales begin to take off. As an optional final step, you can promote your online business on your social media platforms or dip your toes into advertising with the help of CreatorU—a service dedicated to teaching new businesses the ropes of online selling.

Click here to read our complete guide to monetizing content and digital products. You can also access free training, help articles, and informative blog posts at the click of a button. Unlike other platforms, we also offer free online help from real customer support experts. For established businesses, SamCart can effortlessly integrate with your existing platforms and tools.

Sell Your Digital Products with SamCart

You can start selling digital products online today for free with a SamCart trial. SamCart is an affordable selling platform with all of the features you need to support digital product sales. Best of all, we don’t charge transaction fees, listing fees, or other unnecessary costs common among platforms like Etsy and Amazon. Get started today and watch your online business grow.