6 Steps to Creating and Selling Your Online Course

May 3, 2022
Table of Contents
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Are you ready to start selling courses online? Online classes are an easy way for creators to monetize their content while sharing what they love. While building an online course business might sound intimidating, SamCart can help you get started in a matter of minutes. Here is our 6-step guide to creating and selling online courses.

Step 1: Prep Your Course Materials

Every online course starts with a skill or lesson you would like to share. It is up to you to decide how you will translate your ideas into a course format. First, you’ll need to prepare your instructional videos, worksheets, and any other materials your students will need to thrive.

Step 2: Set Up Your Course

Once you have your materials ready, you can format them into SamCart's online course platform. Our advanced tool does the heavy lifting for you—making it easy to add videos, images, text, audio, downloads, worksheets, quizzes, content tiers, and more! You can tweak the structure and design until your new course is built out to your satisfaction.

Step 3: Create a Sales Page

A single sales page is all you need to start selling your online course. Thankfully, you don’t need to hire a web team when you have the right tools on your side! SamCart has a library of web templates designed for selling online courses. Our Drag & Drop Builder lets you create a custom, attractive sales page in minutes.

Step 4: Start Selling

Now it is time to start selling your course. You can begin by promoting your online class on your social media channels or wait for your audience to grow organically. Once your students have registered, the SamCart platform makes it easy for them to enroll in your course and receive course materials. In fact, our Auto-Enroll™ technology can help you retain 30% more students when compared to other online selling platforms. Our platform also accepts a wide variety of payment methods to accommodate all of your potential customers—so you can start getting paid for all your hard work!

Step 5: Continue to Scale

Once your first course is up, continue to scale your business by adding new courses to your library. As you establish your authority in your area of expertise, your audience (and revenue) will continue to grow. One way to keep your sales consistent is to showcase your most popular courses at the top of your library with the Featured Courses tool.

Step 6: Start Upselling

Upselling helps you grow your revenue by promoting new courses or marketing products to your current students. This process can increase your income by up to 70%. Course Cross-Sells™ makes upselling as easy as a few clicks on your mouse. Simply upload your new courses, ebooks, physical products, or digital products. Then, let the Course Cross-Sells™ tool guide you through the rest.

SamCart: Your Online Course Platform

SamCart makes it easy to build, sell, and grow your online business. Our easy-to-use platform offers all the tools you need to manage your online classes in one place. Start selling your courses for free today with a 2-week SamCart trial.