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Create Passive Income with new ‘Featured Courses’

New Features

Your biggest source of untapped profit is sitting right in front of you, and SamCart’s new Featured Courses is here to unlock it. This brand new addition to the SamCart Courses App lets creators showcase their best products, and empower students to buy more using SamCart’s “Stored Credit Card” technology.

Featured Courses End The “One & Done”

Selling a digital product is tough. It takes time, creativity, hustle, and if we’re being honest, a little bit of luck! The number one complaint that I hear from exhausted digital creators is, “How do I get my customers to buy again?”

Far too many creators have what we call a “One & Done” business. They have one course, one book, one something to buy, and that’s it. Which means that your best customers, who are ready and willing to spend more, aren’t given the chance. 

According to Marketing Tech Blog, the average loyal customer is worth 10x their first purchase. Which means if you’re currently “one and done”, you’re sitting on top of a gold mine of extra profit. You just need the right tools to tap into it! 

Like Nick Wolny, who came to SamCart and boosted his average order size from $76 to $160 just by giving his customers an easy way to buy more with SamCart’s Order Bump feature. That’s a story we hear over and over again. When you have the right tools in your toolbox, it will change your business forever.

More Sales…While You Sleep

And today, we’re thrilled to announce your newest tool for growing your bottom line, by making it easy for your customers to buy more. We call it Featured Courses. 

The SamCart Courses app is now being powering tens of thousands of creators. Helping create one, password protected spot to deliver digital downloads and online courses, onboard new clients and host private livestreams. With this new Featured Courses, you can select up to 4 items to be featured at the top of your student’s dashboard. 

feature courses in SamCart Courses app

If your student already owns something that is featured, they can open it and dive right into that content. But if they don’t own it, SamCart’s allows that student to purchase it right inside of SamCart Courses, using their credit card or PayPal account on file!

Students receive a unique 6-digit code via email, plug it to confirm their card, and buy with one last click using SamCart’s Stored Credit Card feature. 

Purchase courses with stored credit card on SamCart


Your students get instant access. And you get passive income, just by giving your best people an easy way to buy more stuff. Now, every single new student you add to SamCart Courses will be an opportunity to sell more of your bigger courses, memberships, service packages, coaching, and everything in-between!

Just the newest way that SamCart is bringing our ecommerce expertise into our member’s area. 

Now Available On All SamCart Plans

Featured Courses is now available on all SamCart plans! And while our “Store Credit Card” features are always reserved for SamCart’s Grow and Scale plans, for the next 30 days, even SamCart Launch customers will get to test drive this new feature with the “Stored Credit Card” technology baked right in.

All you have to do is visit your SamCart Courses App, open a course, and ton the “Featured Course” toggle on. Choose a product to charge if a customer decides to buy it.

Then, every student that visits your Library will be able to see your featured courses at the top of their dashboard. Your customers can effortlessly purchase anything they don’t already own using their credit card (or PayPal account!) on file.

Purchase with card on file from SamCart

After this free 30-day test drive, Launch customers can still use Featured Courses, but interested students won’t be able to buy with our “Stored Credit Card” technology shown above. Instead,  they’ll be redirected to a SamCart sales page to place a new order.

Featured Courses is like having a dedicated sales team, suggesting your best products to your best customers. Tap into a whole new source of profits, by giving every student the ability to binge on all of your best stuff. 

Multiply Your Creator Business

The right tools change everything. Add Featured Courses to the laundry list of amazing tools that help SamCart’s Creators multiply their sales and scale their businesses to new levels. Get the right tools for growing your business by starting a free trial of SamCart today.

Join over 23,000 other creators who have used SamCart to sell more than $2.2 billion of their own products, goods and services. Check out our plans or grab a free demo today. You can talk to a real member of our team, and get answers about how SamCart can help you.  Start Your Free SamCart Trial Today

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