How Much Does It Cost To Build An Online Course?

May 10, 2022

Everyone has valuable insights, skills, or lessons to teach. As platforms like YouTube begin to limit the revenue and creativity of videos, creators are looking for new ways to share their skills. One popular method of monetizing is to sell online courses or classes. So how much does it cost to get started? SamCart is here with insight on how you can begin building and selling online courses for free today.

Finding the Right Online Course Platform For You: $0-$39+

All online courses start with a lesson or skill you want to share. As you translate your ideas into a class format, how do you share them with your audience? To market your online courses, you need to choose the right selling platform for you. Some features to look for include:

  • Easy payment processing: The easier it is for customers to buy your online classes, the higher your sales will be. It is just that simple. Look for course platforms that offer a wide range of payment options.
  • Membership features: When you become a member of an online selling platform, you pay for the features and support you receive. Naturally, partnering with the most advanced and inclusive platforms will help you go further.
  • Avoid unnecessary costs: Keep an eye out for any transaction fees, course fees, and listing fees you may have to pay as a seller.
  • Seamless course delivery: Managing different memberships can be exhausting without the right help on your side. Find a platform that makes it easy to deliver your courses, manage your subscriptions, track progress, and keep your customers happy.

SamCart stacks up against the pricing, features, and benefits of other platforms like Teachable, Kajabi, Thrivecart, and Etsy. Our memberships start with a free trial and continue for as little as $39 per month. You can read our comparative guide to creator platforms here.

Variable and Discretionary Charges: $0-$100+

When building your online courses, you might budget to include variable or discretionary charges, including:

  • Camera equipment: Most smartphones have cameras suitable for recording online course materials. However, you may choose to invest in a tripod, lighting, and other accessories to make recording easier.
  • Editing software: Some course sellers invest in software that makes it easy to edit their material. Thankfully, many creators already have these tools, and there are plenty of free software systems available on the market.
  • Materials: Depending on the nature of your online course, you may need to purchase necessary materials related to your lessons. For example, an online painting course may require the instructor to buy plenty of extra canvases, brushes, and paints.

After you begin selling your online classes, it will be easier to budget for any extra tools or resources you may need to take your courses to new heights.

Creating, Building, and Selling Online Courses: Included

Every SamCart membership level includes unlimited access to the online Course App. This application lets you launch, sell, and deliver your courses in a single place using industry-leading tools, such as:

  • Course Cross-Sells™: After a customer completes your course, how do you get them to start another? You can advertise other products and classes to your existing customers with Course Cross-Sells™.
  • Auto-Enroll™ Technology: The more complicated it is to enroll in your online program, the less likely customers are to subscribe. Our Auto-Enroll™ Technology can help increase your sales by up to 30% compared to other platforms.
  • Physical Item Sales: Unlike many other platforms, SamCart supports the sales of online courses, digital products, and physical products. This means you can sell your merch or promotional items alongside your courses to double your revenue.
  • Featured Courses: You can select which courses to showcase at the top of your courses library, making your top-selling classes visible and accessible to new customers.

SamCart: Start Selling Online Courses for Free Today

Our online courses app has everything you need to build, sell, and market your classes. Get started for free with a SamCart trial today!