How to Make Improving Your Business a Habitual Practice

August 17, 2023

Perfection is the enemy of progress in any business, but especially content monetization.

If you sell digital products or services online, striving to create the “perfect” business or do things the “optimal” way is a fallacy that sellers can easily fall into.

The truth of the matter is that Creator CEOs – folks we see on SamCart selling 6, 7, or even 8-9+ figures a month on SamCart – never strive for perfection. Instead, they’ve made consistently elevating and improving their offerings and their strategy a habit.

“We Will Always Improve” is law 18 of the 18 Laws of the Creator CEO. We’ve covered each of the 17 other laws in separate articles, but the best way to read up on what makes a Creator CEO and how to embody them is to grab your own free copy of 18 Laws of a Creator CEO here.

Let’s dive deeper into how you can make improvement a regular habit rather than an arbitrary goal as you’re building and scaling your business as a creator.

Dispelling the Need for Perfection as a Creator

As mentioned earlier, perfection is the enemy of progress. Oftentimes, the drive for perfection gets in the way of making actionable changes, updates, and improvements to aspects of your business that will actually help it grow.

This could mean elevating, adding, or removing products or services that you sell. This could mean revamping your marketing strategy to meet your customers where they actually are. This could mean finding new technology that elevates the checkout experience, boosting conversions and generating better customer lifetime value.

When you regularly take stock of your business and look at ways to improve rather than perfect its many parts, you can take action and make real change.

Perfection is impossible. Improvement is amenable. Making that distinction can be one of the most powerful growth tactics you’ll employ for your business.

Practice the law of “We Will Always Improve”

To become a Creator CEO is to part ways with your desire for perfection. Top creators selling hundreds of thousands of not millions of dollars in sales every month will tell you the same thing. Here are five ways to practice Law 18 of 18 Laws of a Creator CEO, “We Will Always Improve:”

  1. Elicit feedback from customers, and take their suggestions for improvement seriously. Send our surveys, requests for reviews, or 1:1 meetings with your best buyers.
  2. Experiment with new features, and don’t shy away from improving your tech stack. This can mean checkout technology, payment processors, marketing strategies, and sales techniques. Identify parts of your business to improve and find the solution that can make it happen.
  3. Invest in training and development, especially as you begin to build your team. Learning is a lifelong skill – as much as improvement is – and it should be practiced throughout your organization, no matter how big or small.
  4. Analyze your data closely, and understand the performance of your products, marketing campaigns, and customer experience. This data will illuminate areas for improvement as well as what’s working.
  5. Reward, celebrate, recognize: You and your team put a lot of effort into improving your business not just for yourselves, but for your customers and the people you serve. Put a celebratory spotlight on any contributions to improvement.

Unleash your inner Creator CEO

In today’s digital world, quite literally anyone can become a Creator CEO. No, it’s not your traditional suit-wearing, sports-car-driving CEO – it's an audience-building, product-and-service-slinging entrepreneur who knows how to build and scale a digital business and keep nearly 100% of their profit margins. 

Yes, it’s a real thing. When you download your free copy of 18 Laws of a Creator CEO to learn everything that goes into becoming a successful creator and digital entrepreneur.

Then, when you’re ready to put these laws into practice, start a free trial of SamCart to see what improving your tech stack can do for your business.

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