You’re the Expert: How to Breed Authority to Scale Your Business

August 8, 2023

Imposter syndrome is one of those unfortunate phenomenons every new creator experiences.

But those who succumb to it – the everyday hobbyist sellers – will never level up to a place where they can invest in their knowledge and become a master of their craft. Creator CEOs, however, do just this. They’re the ones that use their knowledge, experience, and wisdom to guide their businesses to success and scale 7+ figure businesses.

So how do you level up from imposter syndrome to true craft mastery? 

You embody everything a Creator CEO is. We wrote the book on it – literally – and we’re giving you a free link to download it.

“We Believe We Are The Expert” is law 15 of the18 Laws of the Creator CEO

You can snag your own free copy of 18 Laws of a Creator CEO and learn how to use your expertise to breed authority and grow your business.

Does Expertise = Knowledge?

When you’re selling products or services, you have – read, HAVE – to play the expert. People are seeking your business out because they have a particular issue they need solved, and they want your products or services to do just that.

But being an expert is not just about having knowledge. You need to develop the confidence to use that knowledge to take aggressive, strategic risks in order to grow and scale your business. Whether they’re a solopreneur or leading a team, Creator CEOs possess the knowledge and the confidence to create greatness. 

Your team and your customers are looking to you as someone to emulate and to be the expert of your craft, and the industry needs your voice and impact to shape the future of the industry.

Creator CEOs Learn For Life

Becoming an expert is not a one-and-done type of deal. Creator CEOs know that learning is a lifelong habit and, more importantly, a skill to develop. There are always new skills to develop, new perspectives to embrace, and new investments to make into our learning that will impact their business.

Creator CEOs are open to criticism and feedback and use it to improve themselves and their businesses.

Then – and only then – can everyday hobbyists become Creator CEOs and achieve the greatness they were set out to.

Practice the law of “We Believe We Are The Expert”

Becoming an expert and breeding authority is a lot easier said than done. So how can new creators and everyday hobbyist sellers level up to Creator CEO-status?

Practice these three habits:

  1. Be humble, and recognize it’s important to be equally confident and humble. Be open to feedback, take criticism in stride, and invest in your knowledge and skills to continue improving your business
  2. Share your journey, including your successes, failures, and unique expertise. Tell others what you’ve learned along the way, and open the question up to others for dialogue.
  3. Lead by example, and inspire and motivate your team and customers to greatness. Set positive examples so others will follow in your footsteps.

Embody your inner Creator CEO with The 18 Laws of a Creator CEO

Expertise breeds authority, and when you have authority, you have a successful business. Creator CEOs know how to build their expertise and continue expanding it throughout their lifetime.

This is law 15 of 18 Laws of a Creator CEO, but there are plenty others you should learn and embody as you’re building your business.

Click here to download your free copy.

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