How Much Money Can You Make Selling Online Courses?

July 5, 2022
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As the online learning industry continues to grow, many content creators are moving beyond YouTube to sell online courses directly to their audiences. Direct online sales give creators unprecedented control over their content and earnings. SamCart is here to show you how much money you can make selling your online courses.  

A Look at the Numbers: Online Course Sales

How much can I make selling classes online?” When you start selling online courses, you can expect to make anywhere from $1 to $10,000+ a month. But there is no ceiling on how much money you can make with your online course business. This outlet includes both active and passive income that can yield 6+ figures in return. Let’s dive into some factors that might influence how much money you make in online course sales.  

Your Business and Your Brand

Brand loyalty, recognition, and reliability are proven factors in sales across industries. A well-established brand can help students trust their purchase in your online classes, knowing they will get high-quality content in return. As such, your brand and business can impact your online course income:

  • Getting Started: If you are newly building your business and brand, you might have a slower start in online course sales; however, you can ramp up quickly with the help of CreatorU, which provides guidance from top online sellers.
  • Established Brand: Perhaps you are new to online courses, but you have been building your brand for years and have a strong following. In this case, you might expect to make a higher monthly income right off the bat.
  • Experienced Course Sellers: The longer you continue to build your online course platform, the more money you are likely to make. As a seasoned course seller, you might have a network of loyal customers eager to buy each new course you release, while making plenty of passive income on your previous videos.

Your Industry and Insights

Some industries are naturally more competitive than others. Thankfully, competitive industries also commonly have the greatest audience and income potential. You can boost profits by helping your business stand out:

  • Attractive Sales Pages Built To Convert: The landing page where you sell your online courses is an essential component of your success. You can build an attractive sales page in minutes designed to convert with SamCart’s template library.
  • New Insights: Do you have unique solutions to problems in your industry? You can attract a large audience by offering insights that customers won’t find anywhere else.
  • Your Number of Courses: The more courses you add, the more sales your business can achieve. Continue adding new content to keep your customer base growing. Additionally, potential students might choose your standout business to access a comprehensive level of information.

Pricing Structure: How Much Should I Charge for My Online Courses?

Naturally, the price you charge for your courses will directly influence your payout. So how much should you charge for your online courses? Here are a few considerations:

  • How much do other courses sell for in your industry?
  • Does your pricing reflect the time and money you spent building your courses?
  • Do you sell your courses individually or as a subscription?

Your online course pricing structure will likely evolve with your business over time. SamCart supports plenty of pricing options—including pay what you want, limited subscriptions, and more—so you can try different pricing structures and find what works best for your business.  

Accepting Various Payment Options

Naturally, the easiest way to boost your sales is to limit the challenges between your products and your customers. You can optimize your course income by accepting various payment options, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and more. You can find more information in our guide to the most popular payment methods.  

SamCart: Build and Sell Your Online Courses

SamCart is your e-commerce platform for building and selling online courses. Our platform makes it easy to manage your business and make as much money as possible with features like:

  • Course Cross Sells™: SamCarts Course Cross Sells™ feature lets you advertise other courses and products to your students as add-ons in just a couple of clicks—helping you make the most of each sale.
  • Auto-Enroll™ Technology: Retain 30% more students while easing your administrative burden as SamCart drops students directly into your course after they enroll.
  • Featured Courses: Highlight your most popular courses at the top of your library to grab customer attention and keep a steady stream of income flowing.

 Our platform also supports sales for digital products, physical products, and services—providing a comprehensive supply of income methods for creators. You can try SamCart for free to get started today!


What factors influence the income potential of selling online courses?

The income potential of selling online courses varies based on several factors. The quality of your content, marketing strategies, target audience, and the demand for your course topic all play crucial roles. Additionally, the pricing strategy, platform fees, and your ability to engage and retain students contribute to your overall revenue. Success often comes from a combination of these elements, and consistently refining your approach can lead to increased earnings over time.

Can I realistically replace my traditional income by selling online courses?

The potential to replace traditional income by selling online courses is feasible but depends on various factors. Your dedication, marketing efforts, and the uniqueness of your course content are significant contributors. Many successful course creators gradually transition to making a full-time income, and some even surpass their previous earnings. It's essential to approach online course creation as a long-term investment and continually adapt your strategies to meet the evolving needs of your audience.

Are there success stories of individuals making a substantial income from online courses?

Yes, numerous success stories exist where individuals have generated substantial income by selling online courses. However, it's important to note that success varies, and there is no one-size-fits-all formula. Success often comes from a combination of passion, expertise, effective marketing, and adaptability. Take the time to research and learn from successful course creators, but keep in mind that your journey may be unique. Consistency, innovation, and a genuine commitment to helping your students succeed can contribute to building a thriving online course business.