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Pay What You Want

See how you can convert more new customers by letting them choose their own price.


What is 'Pay What You Want' Pricing?

When customers choose, you win. SamCart’s top sellers are always testing new ways to capture more customers. Free Trials, Payment Plans, ‘Free + Shipping’, Multiple Payment Options, and more. Now you can add ‘Pay What You Want’ pricing to your next test, and give your customer acquisition a serious boost.
To raise money

Easily Collect Donations Online

There’s no question our PWYW feature is a home run for non-profits using SamCart. Organizations can solicit donations for their cause with or without requiring a minimum amount. By removing this threshold, non-profit organizations can raise even more from more people.


Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Customers

By offering a PWYW product, you’re building a stronger relationship between you and your customers. You’re offering a good-quality product without expecting anything in return. And by giving customers the control to decide how much something is worth to them, you’re really saying “I trust you to value my products.”


Broaden Your Customer Base

With that trust, you’ll see a boost in conversion rate and watch your marketing list explode—an invaluable asset for your next promotion.

Repeat customers spend 67% more

And, it’s 5-7x cheaper

Selling to existing customers is 12% easier

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