5 Habits of Successful Content Creators

October 30, 2023
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Every year, we watch some of the world’s most successful content creators and digital sellers make 6-. 7- and even 8-9+ figures in their online businesses.

While they each approach their business very differently, a shared creator mindset and set of values and habits have been instrumental in helping these creators – who we like to call “Creator CEOs” – build sustainable, scaled businesses.

This article dives into 5 of those habits that allow Creator CEOs to continue building successful content, products, and services to sell while growing their business. These creators have scaled from their first thousands or tens of thousands well into their first millions, and we’ve been able to observe that growth and extract the creator mindset that many of them share.

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5 Habits of Successful Content Creators

Consistency is Key

The antithesis of the Creator CEO is what we call the “everyday hobbyist” – someone that views being a creator as a fun side-gig or as just one of many small revenue streams.

Everyday hobbyists will work hard for a month or two, sell their content, products, or services, then shut off for a while. They don’t consistently provide value and choose to be active only when it’s convenient or most profitable.

The Creator CEO, however, knows there are no seasons to their business. They’re always on – not physically sitting at the computer or on their phone, but they’re focused on making new, successful content, services, and products that speak to what their customers need.

Speaking of what your customers need, the second habit of successful content creators focuses on developing actual relationships with your customers versus talking “at” them for the sake of selling something.

Engage, Don’t Broadcast

SamCart creators sell everything, from courses and learning content to resources, services, and downloads. Whether they’re physical or digital products, the things you’re selling provide value and expertise in some form or another.

This is one of the biggest differentiators in Creator CEOs and everyday hobbyists. The latter simply broadcasts their knowledge in the hopes the right people will find it and want to buy it. The former, on the other hand, engages with their audience to learn what their hopes, goals, interests, and needs are.

It's not just about pushing “successful” content out. It's about building a dialogue: Listening to feedback, engaging in your email inboxes and social media comments, asking questions, and creating polls.

When you engage, you build a community. Your audience feels valued and heard, which translates to loyalty. Second, direct engagement can offer insights no market research will give you. Want to know what your next product or content piece should be? Just ask your audience!

That customer loyalty speaks to our third successful content creator habit, and these “whales,” as we call them, are the backbone of your business.

Focus On Your Whales

Did you know that 11.8% of your customers will come back for a repeat purchase, but that less-than-12% of your customer base will make up 44% of your total business revenue?

Content Creators Report\

It’s true – and these are your whales. Creator CEOs inform their creator mindset and, more importantly, their entire business around their whales. These are the customers that will inform any new product, content, or services you create. Their interest in these new offerings will gauge how your larger audience will perceive them.

Your whales will give you the most honest, actionable feedback about you, your business, and what you’re selling. If you were a bartender, they’d be your regulars – and regulars pay your bills.

Double Down on Best Practices

When first growing your business, it’s natural to try a lot of different things to acquire and retain customers, increase your sales, and find your niche. Eventually, as you start to scale, some of those efforts will become futile. 

Investing any more time or effort into them only takes away time and effort you could spend on the things that are working – and the things that are working may not be the most obvious.

Take our findings from the 2023 Creator Profits Report, for example: Despite what “marketing experts” will tell you, Facebook is still the absolute best channel for new customer acquisition for creators. Fad channels like TikTok don’t even scratch the top 5. 

This may or may not be the case for your business, but the important thing is that you find what does work best and double down on it. Forget the rest.

Grow Your Community’s Community

To tap into that successful creator mindset, you have to think outside of the box – literally. You’re growing your community, but is your community growing theirs with you? 

samcart Affiliates

A wonderful way to accomplish this is affiliate marketing. Employ your whales or your most vocal customers to sing your praises and pay them for it. They’ll grow their community and, in turn, grow yours. 

You’ll see above that more than half of our highest-earning creators use affiliate marketing, because they know there’s nothing more powerful than the communities that exist around their own community.

Put These 5 Habits of Ultra-Successful Content Creators into Practice

While talent and creativity play into their roles, what truly drives a creator’s success are habits and mindset. When you consistently show up, engage, diversify, learn, and embrace the journey with all its ups and downs, you’re not just creating content: You're crafting experiences, building communities, and forging a legacy.

In order to solidify that legacy and put these habits into practice, you need the right eCommerce checkout platform to drive sales and generate revenue. That’s where SamCart comes in.

See the difference a truly great platform can make for Creator CEOs looking to scale their business.


What are Creator CEOs and how do they differ from everyday hobbyists?

Creator CEOs are successful content creators and digital sellers who have built sustainable, scaled businesses, often making substantial figures in their online ventures. They approach their business with a specific mindset and set of habits that differentiate them from everyday hobbyists. Unlike hobbyists, Creator CEOs are consistently focused on creating valuable content, products, and services, rather than only engaging when it's convenient or most profitable.

Why is engagement with the audience important for successful content creators?

Engaging with the audience goes beyond broadcasting content. It involves actively listening to feedback, interacting in email inboxes and social media comments, asking questions, and creating polls. This builds a community where the audience feels valued and heard, leading to increased loyalty. Additionally, direct engagement provides insights that market research alone may not offer, helping creators make informed decisions about their content and products.

What is the significance of "whales" in a content creator's business strategy?

"Whales" refer to the top customers who make up a significant portion of a creator's revenue. They are crucial to a creator's success, as they offer honest and actionable feedback about the creator, their business, and the products or services being offered. Tailoring offerings to cater to the preferences and interests of these loyal customers helps ensure broader audience acceptance.

Why is it important to double down on best practices in content creation?

As a business grows, it's natural to experiment with different strategies for customer acquisition and retention. However, it's essential to identify what works best and focus on those efforts. This ensures that time and resources are not wasted on less effective approaches. For instance, the 2023 Creator Profits Report highlights that certain established platforms like Facebook continue to be highly effective for customer acquisition, despite the emergence of newer platforms like TikTok.

How can a content creator grow their community's community?

One effective way is through affiliate marketing. By enlisting their most enthusiastic customers or "whales" to promote their products or services in exchange for compensation, creators can expand their reach. This not only benefits the creator but also allows their most loyal supporters to grow their own communities, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

How can I put these 5 habits into practice as a content creator?

To adopt these habits, consistently show up for your audience, engage with them actively, diversify your content offerings based on feedback, focus on what works best for your business, and explore opportunities for community growth. These habits, when implemented consistently, can lead to long-term success and the creation of a lasting legacy in the content creation industry.

Why is a reliable eCommerce checkout platform crucial for Creator CEOs?

A reliable eCommerce checkout platform, such as SamCart, is essential for Creator CEOs looking to scale their business. It provides the necessary infrastructure to efficiently process transactions, generate revenue, and manage customer interactions. Choosing the right platform can significantly impact a creator's ability to succeed in the online marketplace. SamCart, in particular, is designed to meet the specific needs of Creator CEOs.

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