A Conversion Audit of Ship 30 for 30’s Million-Dollar eComm Strategy

December 12, 2023
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As far as courses on becoming a prolific writer go, Dickie and Nicholas of Ship 30 for 30 have the market nearly cornered. They’re one of the most successful live cohort products out there, and other creators look to them as a source of inspiration for launching and scaling their eCommerce business.

Our experts looked into Ship 30 for 30’s eCommerce strategy, from beginning to end, and identified things that are (likely) working well for the business and identified a few areas of opportunity for them to become even more profitable:

Twitter to Sales Funnel

Ship30’s main growth engine? Twitter. 

The pair write dozens of captivating and thought-provoking tweets daily, leading prospects to their profiles where their link in bio hooks them and sends them immediately onto an email opt-in landing page, startwritingonline.com. There, new prospects can sign up for a free eBook, giving Dickie and Nicholas tons of new, free leads.

Lead Magnets that Convert

Post-sign up, new prospects immediately get even more content and insight into their business and the promise these two are making to help them become a better writer. Eventually, prospects start to get the “join our next live cohort” messaging.

Now, a Ship 30 for 30 seat in a live cohort runs about $800 – a big jump from a free lead magnet – but these prospects are given all of the tools and information they need to make that big purchasing decision. New customers are also able to pay in-full or split their payment in two.

Premium Post-Purchase Offerings

Any Creator CEO will tell you that having just one product or offering for sale will never help you cross that 6+ figure goal line. Once Ship 30 for 30 was up, running, and profitable, the team created a new option: Premium Ghost Academy.

It’s the big player in their arsenal: This isn't just another course, but an elite training program for ghostwriting that offers both mentorship and membership into this premium cohort.

They convert people the exact same way into Premium Ghost Academy that they do for Ship 30 for 30: You hit the link in the founder’s bios, you fill out a lead magnet for a different free eBook, then you land on a thank you page with even more information and content. 

What’s different for PGA is, on that thank you landing page, you can fill out a more personalized quiz that gives their team more information on you and what you’re looking for. This allows them to craft the perfect sales call on the back-end to get people through the door.

Making it effortless: What Ship 30 for 30 does really well in eComm

Ship30’s winning tactics aren't just about great content and sticky lead magnets; every step of their sales funnel is designed to capture leads effectively and easily. It’s easy for people to find them and enter their sphere.

Their product range is also diverse and caters to folks at every price point, from the freebies up to their highest ticket offerings. Everyone can find something to buy and get value from.

Once you’re in their world, the Ship30 guys use some notable SamCart features to make the purchasing process as easy as possible: from stored credit cards so their customers’ information is already on file ready to checkout to using automatic coupons for seamless discounting. This boosts conversion rates even higher than what they would be otherwise.

Our experts weigh in: Areas for opportunity to boost Ship 30 for 30’s sales

While we can’t share exact numbers, we’ll tell you that everything Ship 30 for 30 is doing is working for them. The team uses SamCart to sell their products and offerings, so we’ve identified three areas of opportunity where they could win even bigger:

  1. Use Buy Now, Pay Later: With big-ticket offerings totalling $800 and up, introducing Buy Now, Pay Later into their payment options could help new customers swallow the price tags a little easier. Plus, with BNPL, the risk is reduced for the seller because Klarna, Afterpay, Affirm, or any other BNPL partner takes on any canceled payment plans while the seller gets paid in-full.

  2. Embedded Checkout: SamCart’s Checkout Anywhere feature allows creators to embed HTML code onto any page of their website to shorten that conversion funnel even more. You’ll give your hottest leads a chance to buy immediately.

  3. Continue Auto-Discounting: Show, don’t tell – when your customers can see the discount already applied in their cart, it’s that much more powerful than simply telling them about a discount code they have to apply themselves.

Become your own Creator CEO following Ship 30 for 30’s lead

If you analyze Ship30's approach and adapt their strategies, you’ll watch your digital product sales soar.

Watch our full Ship 30 for 30 conversion audit on YouTube.

Want to unlock the same tools the Ship 30 team uses to sell their products? See what SamCart has to offer.

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