Our Favorite Topic from YouAI’s Conversation with SamCart CEO Justin Smith

August 17, 2023

SamCart CEO Justin Smith sat down with the team at YouAI, a brand that’s creating the first Digital Mental Model by indexing the human mind, on their podcast “AI For That”.

Over the course of their nearly 1-hour long discussion, Justin and YouAI CEO Dmitry Shapiro and Head of Marketing Elizabeth Esche discuss the expansion of AI in the creator industry, including what creators and digital sellers need to do moving forward in order to embrace new technology and continue building profitable businesses.

It’s a topic many of our own customers here at SamCart have been curious about – how to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of tech that threatens to supersede, for many, years of hard work building services, products, and offerings to sell.

You can watch the full video here, but we recap below our favorite topic covered in their conversation: the idea of shifting from a creator economy to a curator economy, and how creators today can set themselves up for success by embodying more of that curator role.

Creator Economy vs. Curator Economy

“The creator is going to play a more important role in the future as more content is being generated,” Justin says during their conversation. “People are going to be looking for more authentic sources to help distinguish between all of these products and information floating out there.”

As consumers develop more meaningful connections with authentic sources, creators have the opportunity to become curators as they filter out what’s truly authentic and not. It’s what influencers and creators are doing today, but it’s going to become even more important moving forward.

How Creators Become Curators

In the shift from a creator economy to a curator economy, it’s important that creators themselves start to step into the role of a curator and find ways to validate or authenticate the content that technology like ChatGPT is putting into market.

Justin uses the example of asking ChatGPT for ten must-haves for a camping trip. The tool spits out a list of aggregated data and information it has collected, but those answers haven’t been validated by a human who truly knows the craft of camping. Moreover, those products haven’t been curated to meet the needs of the camper.

The amount of AI-driven content in the market is already staggering and growing by the day. Where creators can embrace AI is by acting as the curator of that information, like in the example above, and provide real, human recommendations and validations of the content AI creates.

SamCart’s most successful creators don’t simply aggregate content and turn it into products, services, or offerings – they embody the role of the curator and add additional, important context their audience is looking for. The ability to form that trust with your customers and give them more human insight that AI can’t replicate will be one of the biggest indicators of success in the creator industry.

Learn the distinction between creator and curator on AI For That

If you’re a creator or you sell anything online, digital or physical, knowing the implications of AI and how to work with it, not against it, is imperative to your current and future success.

Click here to watch the AI for That episode with SamCart CEO Justin Smith, and click here to start your free trial of SamCart if you want to be ahead of the AI curb in the curator industry, helping you get your products in-market faster and sell them more effectively.

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