How To Use Payment Plans To Close +17.8% More Sales

April 10, 2017

Add a payment plan to your checkout page, and convert +17.8% more customers. Well, at least that is what the SamCart database tells us! SamCart's database is the world's largest source of checkout conversion information. SamCart will pass 1,000,000 orders later this week. Every order is another piece of data that tells us what closes more sales, and what doesn't. So let's dive in and show you how adding a payment plan to your checkout page will grow your bottom line.

Sell +17.8% More By Offering A Payment Plan

Inside of your every SamCart account is a feature called "Multiple Payments". This feature lets you offer more than one way for your customers to buy your product. So instead of every customer being forced to pay the same price, your customers can choose a payment option that fits them. SamCart's database of almost 1 MILLION orders, we found that adding in a second payment option increases your conversion rate by an average of +17.8%! That's a pretty big chunk of sales. There are a bunch of ways SamCart customers use this feature, but today we are going to focus on Payment Plans.

Boost 'High Ticket' Sales

Take the price of your product, and break it into 3 or 4 chunks. That's a payment plan. So instead of selling your product as $100, offer a payment plan that charges '3 payments of $40.00'. A payment plan is like fishing with another net in the water. Not everyone is going to be ready to part with the whole price right away. But when you add in the option to break up the payments, you attract a completely separate group of people. Using payment plans works especially well on 'high ticket' (read: "expensive") products. If you are selling a product that is priced near the top of what your audience likes to pay, take 3 minutes and add a payment plan to your checkout page today! We only request a 25% Finder's Fee on all of the extra sales you will make. Checks can be mailed to the follow address... The SamCart Private Jet Fund 11850 West Market Place Fulton, MD 20759

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