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How to Boost Revenue with Recurring Subscriptions

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If you’re trying to sell products that charge people weekly, monthly or yearly, etc (aka recurring subscription payments)…then keep reading…

A few examples of these types of products are:

  • A membership site where someone pays $99 dollar per week/month/year to continue getting access to what is in the site
  • A dietary supplement where someone pays you $29 per month week/month/year so you keep shipping them the supplements
  • An application (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, Dropbox, etc) where someone pays you $10 per week/month/year to keep getting their service
  • A service you provide someone (e.g. consulting, lawn mowing, etc) where someone pays you $500 per week/month/year to continue getting your services

Why Subscriptions Boost Revenue

These types of products are great because they give you the stability of knowing how much revenue is going to come in next month.

(We’ve seen those same benefits here at SamCart, because businesses pay us $99 per month to continue using our shopping cart service to create high-converting checkout pages and 1-click upsells so they can boost sales conversions)

Because we’re a subscription-based company, our revenue continues to climb every single month, as long as we keep customers happy of course. As you convert new customers, your old customers continue to pay for the service, naturally adding to your revenue. (see our revenue growth below)

The problem with selling subscription/recurring products is the technical setup. A lot of tools that people use to sell their stuff online aren’t 100% “subscription-friendly.” Take PayPal for example. They let you sell subscription products, but the process is a little clunky. Issuing refunds and pausing accounts can be a hassle. Plus, you have to use PayPal’s checkout page…which isn’t a very high converting page if you ask us.

Your New Subscription Payments Solution

This is why we built SamCart to handle any type of recurring product you’d like to sell. With SamCart, you can create any combination of recurring payments you’d like. And it’s all built right in when you setup your first product. When you create a product, just select “Recurring” and decide if you want the payments to recur Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly.


After that, you can customize how much they get charged right away, and how much they get charged when they payments begin to recur. You can even customize how many recurring charges are made.


And if that wasn’t enough customization, now you can even add a “Free Trial Period” which lets you offer your customers the ability to ‘test out’ your subscription product without being charged right away.


The combinations are endless.

Other Subscription Features You’ll Love

When you start to sell subscriptions you’ll realize there’s a lot more to it than just getting people to sign up and start paying you. You need to worry about things like:

  • What do I do when someone cancels?
  • What do I do when someone’s credit card expires?
  • How do I know if I’m losing too many subscribers?
  • How do I keep track of how much money I’m making each month?

We’re making all of those worries go away. When you sell subscriptions with SamCart, we’ll give you advanced reports so you know exactly how much money you making, how much you’re losing, and how to improve on both.

We’ll also send out automated emails (that you can now customize) that will try and recapture any failed payment by any subscriber.

You’ll now be armed with the ability to not only sell more subscriptions, but also keep more subscribers around for the long haul. That’s how you build a profitable business that pays you month after month.

Start Selling Your Subscriptions Today

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