How To Boost Mobile Conversion With Apple Pay and Google Pay

March 27, 2020
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You can now boost your conversions by adding Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Payments to your online checkouts with SamCart! These Digital Wallets are your newest tool for speeding up your checkout flow, and boosting conversions in the process. This brand new addition is now available on SamCart’s Launch, Grow, + Scale plans.

Here in the SamCart Office, we spend all day working on new ways to help you convert more visitors into paying customers. Adding Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Payments to your online checkout gives your customers even more security, and injects simplicity that boosts conversions across the board.

Optimize Your Online Checkout With Apple Pay and Digital Wallets

SamCart is completely focused on optimizing your online checkout flow. Bringing you features like easily removing checkout fields you don’t need, mobile-ready checkout fields, and beautiful single-page designs help you capture more buyers, and cut down on the cart abandonment that is costing you sales every single day.

And after you add Apple Pay and Google Pay to your SamCart sales page, your visitors will be able to buy your stuff faster than ever. Visitors on iPhone and iPads can confirm with Touch ID, and complete their order without every reaching for a credit card. The same is true for Android users, who can access their saved credit cards with Google Pay right from their device.

When you add digital wallets to your online checkout flow, your visitors are just one click away from completing their order.

Shorter Checkouts, Higher Conversions

And the SamCart Database proves that when you shorten the checkout process, you win! In fact, removing the Shipping Address fields from your checkout boosts conversion by 13.4%! And if you remove Billing Address too, that number goes up to 35.1%!

Every extra step, every extra click you have is costing you sales. In fact, a study of why people abandon their purchase by the Baymard Institute found out that a whopping 35% of e-commerce buyers leave a site if they have to create an account before ordering. 27% say they leave if the checkout process is too long, or too complicated.

So it’s pretty simple…simplify your checkout flow if you want to make more sales. And offering Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay with SamCart is the newest way to get that done!

And the best part? Adding Digital Wallets to your SamCart sales pages is one click away. Login to SamCart, and open up any of your products. Head to the Payments tab and just toggle Digital Wallets on! That’s it. You’re done.

You can offer Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay on every billing type that SamCart offers; one time charge, free trials, payment plans, dollar trials, paid trials, and everything in-between.

Make sure you check out the full Help Article for more info on exactly how to activate and test these new digital wallets on your SamCart sales pages.

Boost mobile conversion by adding Apple Pay and Google Pay to SamCart Checkouts

Plus, these new Digital Wallets fit in seamlessly with all of SamCart’s powerfully simple features that make you more money. Show your customers order bumps and one click upsells. Sell free trials and payment plans. Give customers different payment options. Easily design beautiful sales pages.

And now, when your visitors are almost ready to place an order, let Apple Pay and Google Pay make that last critical step even easier. Just another tool in your toolbox to optimize your online checkout process, and capture more sales.

Demo Apple Pay + Google Pay Today

To see how SamCart has helped thousands of businesses sell more than $1 Billion of their own books, courses, vacation packages, skateboards, gym memberships, professional services, and everything in-between…click the link above and get a demo today!

See a live Demo of SamCart

Or head right to, and take SamCart for a free test-drive. See how Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Payments can boost your conversions. And see why thousands of top sellers call SamCart home!


How can I add Apple Pay and Google Pay to my SamCart checkout process?

To add Apple Pay and Google Pay to your SamCart checkout process, you'll need to sign up for a payment processor that supports these payment methods. Once you've signed up, you can follow the instructions in your SamCart account to enable Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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