SamCart Stories: How SamCart Closes More Clients For This Digital Agency

May 21, 2021

What would change if you were able to spend less time chasing down your clients to pay their invoices, and more time focusing on delivering the best results? Well according to John Florey, the Co-Founder of SAMA Labs, it will "change your life overnight".

In this SamCart Success Story, we dive into how one digital marketing agency is using SamCart to simplify their clients' billing, close more deals, and grow their brand.

5 Ways SamCart Makes Billing Your Clients Easier

SAMA Labs is a digital marketing agency, focused on providing web design, creative services, and managed advertising campaigns for e-commerce brands. But like most agencies, John and his team were spending far too much time on the nitty gritty work of closing and billing their clients!

Big chunks of time were being sunk every week into chasing down their clients for past-due invoices, starting up new billing agreements with prospective clients, and trying to find ways to sell more work to existing clients.

Sound familiar?

This time-suck meant their team was spending less time providing outstanding service, closing new deals, and growing the agency! But thankfully, John found SamCart. And his agency has never looked back, "Fortunately we found you guys, and literally our lives changed overnight. If you could pick one thing that changed the course of our business, it's SamCart.

This is one thing that allowed us to get our hands off of the nitty gritty time-sap of just banging on doors and getting clients to pay invoices. It allowed us to focus on building the brand and and building the agency."

If you're focused on growing your agency, or are just looking for an easy way to sell more services, easily collect their invoices every single month, and get some new tools for selling more work, then this is the post for you.

Bill More Clients, With Less Work

Closing new deals takes work! You have to bring in prospects, qualify them, hop on discovery calls, sell the value of your own services, negotiate a price that works, and then seal the deal. After all that work getting so close to the finish line, getting that new client billed has to be simple.

Which is exactly what John loved the moment he first hopped into his SamCart account, "SamCart makes it so easy to duplicate a product, brand it to that business, and then send them a personalized link to start their billing. I get the alert that they paid, and we kick off the onboarding process."

SamCart allows John and his team to quickly create a new product, with the exact billing settings they just negotiated on the sales call. They easily brand the page with the client's name, add any specific notes the client needs to know, and then send over the link for the client to purchase!

SamCart subscriptions offer a ton of flexibility. So whether your clients need to be billed monthly, quarterly, yearly, or every 27 days...SamCart has you covered.

Provide Better Service With Flexible Billing

One thing John values very highly is service. Like any agency, John wants to provide the best service and results to every client they work with. Part of that means being able to help his clients when problems arise. Working with ecommerce brands, it's pretty common that John's clients will run into problems with inventory coming in from overseas.

So when that happens, John loves being able to go into SamCart and change the client's next billing date. Giving them a few weeks of free service is an easy decision, because John knows that doing what is best for the client is a big win for SAMA Labs in the long-run. I think John says it best...

"The flexibility of the billing is so valuable. Our client might have problems with inventory, and ask us to pause their ads for two weeks. We never want to put our clients in a situation where they have to pay us no matter what. SamCart lets us go in and change any client's subscription individually, and change the rebill date that's coming up."

easily manage order in SamCart dashboard

And as an added bonus, SamCart helps John keep his clients' billing info up to date. "Anytime a client wants to update their card info, we can hit one button in SamCart and the client gets an email where they can update their card right on the spot."

Managing your client billing should always be this simple! Provide better service, have happier clients, and grow your business.

Protect Your Client's Subscriptions

Every agency owner I've ever talked to absolutely hates chasing down clients for past due invoices. When a client's credit card gets lost or expires, it falls on you to track them down like a mob boss for a shakedown. No one likes doing it, but it happens all the time.

Well thankfully, the SamCart Subscription Saver is working around the clock to ensure that every one of John's clients is paying him on time. Anytime a client's payment doesn't go through, SamCart springs into action with a series of emails where each client can securely update their credit card on file.

Save subscriptions with SamCart Subscription Saver

To date, SamCart's Subscription Saver has saved just under $250 million for SamCart's sellers! Which means you can spend less time chasing your clients, and more time focusing on providing awesome service and growing your bottom line.

Add to Order

Subscriptions are great, but they are just one piece of the client billing puzzle. When John and his team want to sell one-off projects, SamCart gives them the tools to easily close more deals, and maximize revenue from each and every client.

"For one-off projects, obviously customers have the option to pay in full, or they can put down a deposit. So when the project is finished, the client gives us the green light and we use the Add to Order option, so I don't have to ask for their card again. And within seconds, they are done. They are billed for the service, and the project is out the door."


Add extra products to customer order

After a customer makes a purchase for a small deposit, John can use SamCart's Add to Order button to charge the customer using their card on file when the project is finished. The client never needs to pull their card back out of their wallet. You don't have to hope the client remembers to open their email and pay an outstanding invoice.

You just enjoy the instant cashflow, on your own terms thanks to the advanced features puts at your fingertips.

Automate Everything

When I asked John if there was anything about SamCart that surprised him, he about jumped out of his chair. Here's what he had to say...

"When we were introduced to SamCart, I was wondering if this was really right for me. But as time has gone on, I realized that just the automated piece of SamCart is worth its weight in gold."

The SamCart Integration Engine automates the core tasks of any business. You can create custom integration rules that automatically tag new customers in your CRM, grant access to an online course, send customer data to your own app, or anything in-between, SamCart's Integration Engine has you covered.

Selling Your Services, Made Simple

Selling your own digital products and services should be simple. See how Nick, and thousands of other business owners like him, are simplifying how they sell and unlocking more profit in the process, head over the SamCart pricing page and get your own account for free.

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