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How SamCart Saved $40,413.92 In Subscriptions

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Do you know what a “Dunning Process” is? I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with recurring subscriptions.

You probably know what dunning is, but I bet that is the first time you have heard it called by name before.

Let’s take a look at SamCart’s latest feature, Subscription Saver, and why it is winning back chunks of your sales every single month, completely on auto-pilot.

Where You’re Losing Subscriptions

Do you sell subscriptions? Monthly, yearly, or anything in between.

What about limited recurring payments? Stuff like, “3 payments of $100” or “$50 today, then $25 each month”, you get the idea.

Well what happens when one of your subscriptions has a charge get declined? What if the credit card was cancelled? Or the card passed its expiration date?

The truth is, even a single declined charge on any subscription is a death sentence for most people. Once a charge is declined, that subscription income is gone in a puff of smoke, never to be heard from again.

And you are left with the painful truth that your hard earned recurring income is shrinking month after month.

Introducing: Subscription Saver

But what would your bottom line look like if you had a team of people whose full-time job was to reach out to those customers on your behalf, and save that recurring income from disappearing forever?

Well with the new Subscription Saver from SamCart, that’s exactly what you get.


Your New Automated Sales Team

When any subscription payment fails, SamCart automatically sends a emails your customer on your behalf.

Those simple emails come complete with a secure link where your customer can update the payment info they have on file, right from their inbox!

After your customer updates their info, SamCart charges the late payment, and your subscription gets saved! No lost recurring revenue, no time spent clumsily chasing down your customers.

It’s like having a team of Retention Specialists on your staff, working around the clock.

Every SamCart account now comes pre-loaded with Subscription Saver. So every single subscription you ever create is being carefully guarded, without you ever having to lift a finger.

In fact, in the past 30 days alone, Subscription Saver has saved $40,413.92 for SamCart customers!

Just another way that SamCart pays for itself, and keeps things simple for “non-techies” (like me!).

Information At A Glance

Wether you have 10 or 10,000 active subscriptions, SamCart is carefully guarding each and every customer from failing. And you can use SamCart’s powerfully simple dunning report to see what Subscription Saver is doing behind the scenes!

Dunning 1

Instantly see exactly how many customers are “In Recovery” with Subscription Saver, what emails are being sent out to customers, what step in the process is saving the most subscriptions, and more.

And of course, you can see exactly how much money SamCart has saved your business!

With this information at your fingertips, you never have to go diving through pages and pages of orders desperately seeking for any failed charges. Finally, you can see all of your active, past due, and delinquent subscriptions in one place.

Dunning 3

You even have a Live Feed where you can see Subscription Saver working for you in real time. See emails being sent out to customers in recovery, and recovered payments being run to save the subscriptions from going delinquent.

Dunning 2

The Equation That Saves You Money

Subscription Saver works around the clock to maximize the recurring revenue you keep for your business. It is designed to follow the proven schedule for capturing the highest number of declined charges. And here’s how it works…

When a subscription has its first failed charge, Subscription Saver marks that subscription as “In Recovery”. That customer is then sent the first recovery email on your behalf, with a unique link where they can securely provide new payment information.

Once the card has been updated, SamCart attempts to recover the late payment. And when the charge is successfully run, then you throw a huge party for saving a customer!

If the card isn’t updated, no worries. SamCart will still attempt to recover the late payment with the card already on file.

Subscription Saver will try to recover the late payment 4 more times, over the course of 17 days. Each time the payment fails, the customer is sent another email reminder, asking them to update their payment information.

This schedule gives you the best chance possible to successfully charge the card and keep that subscription active.

And the stats are clear, SamCart’s Subscription Saver is saving SamCart customer’s huge chunks of money, and protecting their recurring subscription income.

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