5 Ways To Boost Backend Profit with "Add to Order"

April 2, 2021

"Backend profit" is more than just a buzzword. Spend time focused on growing your backend profits, and you will transform your business forever. Everyone knows that selling more to your existing customers is way cheaper than going out to find new ones. And when it comes to selling more stuff to your existing customers, there is no better tool than SamCart's "Add to Order" button.

Make It Easy To Buy

You know why adding Apple Pay to your checkout process boosts sales by an average of 28%? Because when you make it easy to buy, people buy. And when you make it easy for customers to buy more, they buy more.

If you want to win in 2021 and beyond, you need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to buy your stuff. Then, make it easy for them to buy more. That’s why SamCart pages get rid of distractions, and follow our signature “single-page” design. It’s why we let sellers add multiple order bumps, where customers can add other products to their order with a simple checkbox. It’s why we offer true one click upsells, and downsells. So just like buying from Amazon, customers have their card stored on file, and can make extra purchases with just one single click.

If you want to grow your bottom line, make it easy for people to buy, make it easy for people to spend more, and make it easy for people to come back and buy again.

Drive Backend Profit With 'Add to Order'

And when it comes to helping people buy again and again, there’s no better tool than SamCart’s Add to Order button. When someone places an order, SamCart stores their payment information on file. So you can go into your account, open their order, and use their card on file to purchase other products anytime you need it. Just pick any of your products from the box on the left, and once you add them to the right, you can choose the quantity, add a coupon code to this brand new charge, and then run the customer’s card on file right there on the spot!

Add to order for placing new orders

So you can start reaching out to your customers about other products and services you have available, and use SamCart’s Add to Order feature to drive those sweet sweet repeat sales, without your customer ever even needing to open their laptop. This Add to Order feature works wether your customer purchased with credit card, Paypal, or even digital wallets like Apple Pay. Add to Order is available on every SamCart plan, so you can start driving more repeat sales today.

No matter what type of business you have, reach out to your customers a few days after they complete an order. Let them know about what else you have for sale, and be sure to include a sweet discount or a free gift if they are ready to place an order now. With Add to Order, all you need is the customer to say “Ya, let’s do it!”. And you can go into SamCart, and charge them for the new product or service right there on the spot.

5 Ways To Boost Sales With 'Add to Order'

Now that you know this button is sitting there, waiting to make you more money, here’s 5 ways you can use Add to Order to start driving more revenue in the door! A little effort to push more backend profit, and you're business will never be the same.

Easily Close Service Clients

Add to Order is the most popular feature among SamCart’s service brands. We’ve talked about the perfect way to sell more services in this video over on Youtube. But SamCart can help you convert more prospects into paying service clients, and help make managing all of your clients' billing a breeze.

But imagine how easy it would be to close new clients if you could use Add to Order right there on the phone! So you can hop on your discovery calls, sell your service packages, and all you need is for them to say, “Let’s do it!”…and Add to Order takes care of the billing right away. Make it easier for your clients to buy, and close more clients.

Resupply Your Physical Products

Any physical product sellers, especially those with products that run out like food, health supplements, cleaning supplies…you should have calendar reminders set so you know when a customer is about to run out of their product.

Resupply physical product orders with Add to Order

Shoot that customer an email, or even hop on the phone and call them! Get them to place a resupply order with Add to Order, and grow your backend profit.

Expand Your SaaS MRR

Software sellers, let customers upgrade their plan to add new features, switch over to yearly billing, or add extra licenses easier than ever. Here’s an idea for the most profitable email you’ll send all year... Message your customers, and let them about about a special offer to upgrade to a new plan for a limited time. Toss in a free gift, and just tell them to reply back “Yes!” if they want to upgrade. All you have to do to is open the replies, use Add to Order to move your customer’s over to the higher plan, and you’re done.

Simple Live Event Sales

Running any live events? Well in COVID world, maybe your live event is virtual now. But when its time to make your sales pitch, you don’t have to fumble with sending people new order forms or any back and forth emailing…just have people raise their hand, and you can use their card on file to charge them for whatever product or service you have for them.

Higher Profits From Online Courses

And if you’re an online course seller, you should be using Add to Order to make it easy for customers to buy your most expensive courses, or even personal services. The next time you release a new offer, email your existing customers and tell them to simply reply to your email to purchase with their card on file. You’ll be shocked at how your conversions explode when you make it that easy to buy.

Drive More Backend Sales Today

Add to Order might be SamCart’s best kept secret. But now you know exactly how to use it to grow your own backend profit, and exactly how powerful it can be to your bottom line. Jump into your SamCart account today, and test out this new feature.

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