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How To Customize Product Emails

New Features

Customize your product emails and solve all your customer support headaches, get your customers on your shared calendars, and turn customers into repeat customers easier than ever. See exactly how SamCart can help make your businesses easier with this brand new feature in the video below!

Customize Your Product Emails

In a nutshell, you can now customize each email SamCart sends to your customers for each product you sell individually. So instead of every customer receiving the same order receipt, regardless of what they bought, you can customize the receipts based on what a customer had in their order!

There are a lot of ways to use this new custom product email function to make your life easier. Like whenever a new order is placed, SamCart automatically emails a receipt to your customer that includes what products they bought, their order total, any add-ons they purchased, and even links to download any digital files you choose to send.

Another possibility: you can customize the receipt for each product you sell! So, if a new prospect purchases a 30 minute consulting call with you, you can drop a link to your scheduling tool like, so they can grab a time to speak with you live. 

A couple more ideas include: turn your order receipt into more backend revenue by offering targeted upsells and cross-sells, deliver a 25% off coupon to every new customers, or replace your autoresponder, and deliver any extra FAQs to your customers. 

Automate More Critical Tasks

It isn’t just the order receipt! When you log into SamCart, you can open any of your products, visit the Emails tab, and you will be able to customize a whole bunch of different emails. Examples include: the order receipt, refund notifications, subscription charge receipts, subscription reminders, and more. 

Plus, this new update lets you get even more out the SamCart Subscription Saver, which is working for you around the clock to protect your recurring revenue. Fun Fact: To date, Subscription Saver has saved SamCart sellers more than $76 Million!

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If you are ready to see how more than 10,000 businesses have used SamCart to sell more than $1.5 Billion of their own products, goods, and services, then head over to and grab a free demo today. 

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