New Feature: Course Cross-Sells

November 11, 2021
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Course Cross-Sells Create More Opportunities to Sell SamCart’s Course Cross-Sells™ feature is the biggest thing to hit online courses since...SamCart Courses! With Course Cross-Sells you can now advertise your other courses and products to your students from within their already purchased courses using the payment method from their original order in just a couple of clicks.

This is similar to our Order Bump feature which allows customers to add additional products and services to their orders before finally checking out and our 1-Click Upsells which allow customers to do the same after an order has been placed without customers needing to log back in, and re-enter payment information.

With Course Cross-Sells, students just have to enter a six-digit confirmation code, which adds a layer of security to a purchase. Read: 5 Ways to Sell More Courses You can add up to three Cross-Sells to each of your courses. Customize your themes, and preview them to see what your students will see! Course Cross-Sells is like having a 24/7 sales team living in your student section that’s always ready to present any other courses, products or services you might have available. It’s like having your own mini app store. It gives students another opportunity to purchase. When you give people more opportunities to pay you, they typically do. How Amazon makes it easy to buy more stuff, Course Cross-Sells does the same for your business.  

All it takes is a couple of clicks. Course Cross-Sells is available with SamCart Grow, SamCart Scale and SamCart Enterprise plans. See how easily you can create Cross-Sells, and how easily students can purchase!

Read: Step-by-step Guide on How to Set Up Your Course Cross-Sells™ Course Cross-Sells Makes Selling Even Easier We hang our hat on making it easy to give your customers and students more opportunities to spend money. It’s why even though we may have a smaller community of sellers (for now) we still have a lot more seven and eight-figure sellers than any other platform online. SamCart sellers make 3 to 5 times more on average than people who sell their stuff in other places.

SamCart is simply a superior tool. Course Cross-Sells Makes the Greatest Greater When we announced SamCart Courses, we made it clear that SamCart was and is the eCommerce platform for creators, especially course creators on any SamCart plan. We pride ourselves on helping people build, and scale their businesses. However, one group of people—arguably the most important group—that we care a lot about is the students who enroll in courses on SamCart. We’re educators at heart. That’s why we put tons of educational content on our Youtube channel and in our Knowledge Base. Getting a sale is great, but it’s more than that. We want both you and your students to win. That’s why we put so much attention into not just making it possible for course creators to sell as much as possible, but so students have the greatest chance to succeed. Students benefit by being able to auto-enroll into a course as soon as it’s purchased, so they can start that course instantly. They don’t have to wait for a confirmation email; log back in, and take more unnecessary steps that reduce momentum.

Thirty percent of students who go the antiquated, non-auto-enroll route like other platforms never make it to the member’s section. Once they check out…they’ve checked out. So students never get the benefit of the course they’ve purchased. It’s like that New Year’s resolution gym membership that starts collecting dust by January 2nd.  

Additionally, course creators don’t get the opportunity to present their other offerings in the member’s section, because their students are permanently skipping class. And there will be no extra credit at the end of the semester. Show What You've Got Join over 23,000 businesses using SamCart that have sold over $2 billion of their own products, goods and services. Sign up for a free demo today.

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